Flea again and again and again and again


Let me teach you a new word.... FLEAVER hahahhaha

Ok lame andrea you're super lame hahahha

Ok so i had a flea again last sat and it was a realllllly AWESOME flea!

ta-dah! my stall :D
 Look at the crowd :D crowd is good.... but then again...BAD! Because it was superrr messy!
Like when we first arrived.... before we even started to set up, people already started crowding around our luggages T__T

Best part was... They can even help themselves to opening our luggages and taking out everything on their own =__= I spent like hours arranging neatly according to price but in a few seconds... they messed everything up T___T

 ok but overall this flea was still really awesome cause i earned A LOT but spent A LOT too! but still... i had like $210 left after everything :D so minus $30 i brought along and rental money... i had like $180 left :) and i still spent like $50 that day OoO So i really earned a lot right? :D

Whole stall.... we earned a total of $700! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? $700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
selca with Crisann
Selca with Felicia
Selca with Geraldine!
Hi raymond :3
I don't have a selca with Jen :( Ok but yeah this is just a short post i decided to post cause i have really nothing to do right now.... and i promised lots of pictures so.... enough selca's for you? ;)
Ok but yeah soon i shall post a post filled with just all my buys :) Went shopping today [wednesday] and i spent like $70 at bugis street!!!!!!! so thats a total of $120 of shopping u__u must post all the shitz i bought :3

 Ok heres one last selca to end this post and.....i think i should sleep now! its like 5 am :x and im here posting this and completely #100thingsaboutme on twitter and chatting with CuiFu.... daebak andrea daebak hahahah kbye :)

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