Bloody Blogshop SHIT


Another Rant about another blogshop. Seriously why so many blogshops selling lenses got problem one ah? First the nb Enamour Beau scamming people money. Before also got the Barbie Lens Bay incident then also the Cheapest Lens Preorder Girl....

Now im talking about Angel Lens.

Click on her profile. CHEAP RIGHT HER LENSES? thats what i thought before. Wanted to order too lmao. But guess what?

[scroll past these next few lines to the screenshots if you just want to read about her]

I seriously hate blogshop owners who think that the whole world owes them something =___= If you have anger management problem then don't open a blogshop bitch.

I've had a blogshop and have been blogshopping for like what 3 years+ now? and one thing i've learnt is bitches are everywhere. What do i mean by that?

If you want to open a blogshop you must note this

People will annoy the FUCK out of you in everyway

Dragging Payment is one thing. 'ill transfer by today' for a fast deal. so okaycan! then they don't transfer and they transfer like 3 days later? fast deal smlj the discount doesn't apply anymore =__= then they will 'i was busy' 'i forgot' 'then i don't want le' 'we agreed on this price' some will even immediately say 'are you trying to scam me' ok but seriously. Fast Deal=Transfer today/tmr at most the day after tmr. But the thing is you say so yourself transfer today then you mia for 3 days and you still expect the same discount? fast deal......not

Princess Attitude is another thing. They think that cause their the customer. You're earning they're money. So they get to have the final say. WHICH IS TRUE! but to an extent. Some people will seriously type as though they own you. ANNOYING. Some people will insist that things go their way. 'i only can meet up at boon lay' when i say meet up at woodlands. then ill be like 'at most i can go till jurong east to meet you? but there will be a $2 extra charge for that' then they will 'i said already, i only can meet up at boon lay' WTF RIGHT?

Backing Out is a super big problem too. They will confirm and then back out.... Sometimes they confirm like 1/2 days before the preorder closes ok like for example. They confirm they're order on monday, preorder closes on wednesday but they schedule a meet up for payment on saturday these type of thing. So i will end up paying for them first on wednesday when i send in orders but GUESS WHAT? on saturday they will 'oh i can't make it for the meet up. i guess ill pass' URGH

another back out case which happened super recently for me was this girl who asked me to reserve a pair of wedges for her as due to eoy she couldn't meet up for it and i will not give free postage for shoes as it costs like $2 for one side? SHOES ARE HEAVY! So as its already pending, other people who were interested were turned down and i also told them exactly where i got it from and they went to buy it there. But now the girl says she doesn't want the shoes anymore. WTF

Millions and Millions of requests So this happened on my insta shop a few days ago. I'm not saying this girl is wrong luh. She is in a way but... i don't blame her. But its just ANNOYING ANNOYING ANNOYING! Ok so first i posted a picture of a skirt selling at only $10... So first she asked for measurements, ok ill measure her! no problem~ then she asks more about the skirt and the waist band and such. still fine still no problem :) Then she asks for a modelled pic.... Ok.... usually i say no for items below $12 because its so mafan... But i decided to just do it for her since she seemed very interested! So there! after she saw the modelled pic though.... she started asking about the colour of the skirt.... so i took another picture just to show her the exact colour. After that she was like 'oh its blue?' apparently she wanted black. So she passed. But the thing that annoys me most is.... The very first picture i posted... DOES NOT IN ANY WAY LOOK LIKE IT WAS BLACK so yeah i did so much for nothing! hahaha laughing at me

Ok so these are only just a few.... Theres also SMSES people will text you like crazy. 'wheres my item?' 'arrive yet?' they can send everyday! once there was even this girl who transfered for a preorder at night and immediately the next day the texts started. morning one. evening one. and it continues. like pls people.... i have a god damn life is that so hard to respect?
Then there was this girl 'Is it here yet?' 1 minute later 'you there?' 1 minute later 'hello?' 1 minute later 'seriously can you reply?' LIKE LITERALLY! But only 10 minutes  after her first text, i replied. OMG ITS JUST 10 MINUTES but she was like 'finally' i was like O.O FUCK?! _|_

There was also A LOT A LOT A LOT more ways that customers will annoy you till you die

Ok so whats my point?

My point is.... No matter what.... You can NOT be angry at your customers..... Ok to an extent. I mean.... unless they try to cheat you're money/they already backed out/stuff like that... You cannot lose your temper.


actually common sense is enough. You open a blogshop its like starting a business. But how do you expect yourself to succeed if you don't have the right attitude?

Which brings me back to Angel Lens _|_

So what happened? I've been tagged in like don't even know how many of her photos/posts already.... tbh... im already quite used to it. My notifications are forever spammed by blogshops and their pictures their posts their comments but sometimes.... it annoys the fuck out of me. So i posted her wall....NICELY... and look at her reply! dae to the bak

 Unbelievable right? since when my posts so nice one. people simply comment on the pictures/posts 'untag me' some say 'pls untag me' some say 'untag ty' i say 'heys ^__^ would appreciate if you try not to tag me in any photos/posts in future :) ty' so what if i posted on your wall? i don't wanna pm cannot meh? don't like wall posts don't use facebook luh cb don't i know? LMAO YOU THINK I BORN YESTERDAY?! MOTHER FUCKER SO RUDE SMLJ YOU THINK YOU WHO?! don't you know you create facebook will get wallposts? don't like deactivate luh! don't you know you tag people people will ask you to untag? don't like don't tag luh! The other girl was complaining about her attitude too

 TA-DAH OoO daebak no? how long you're blogshop open only? don't you know that people who use facebook on their phones can't untag on their own? ok not say can't untag luh but the apps people use can't so to untag they have to use internet have to change to web have to slowly try to find the untag button then can. While on the computer its juts click click done. So people comment to untag got any fault? sure they can phrase it in a nicer way but why should they?  'maybe some other been tag also feel' so you do realize that you irritate over 40 people in each post? 'don't just care for yourself' says the girl whose angry at a few people for asking her to untag/not tag but on the other hand, tags 40+ people in each post.

'accept friend or add a blogshop you should know you will be tag' true true. its hard for blogshops to not tag and still be recognized. But if you don't want people going untag untag then in the first place you give them a chance to say untag for what? don't like people asking you to untag then in the first place you shouldn't tag! same logic LOL want to tag should know there will be people asking you to untag! want to create facebook should know you will get wallposts! not happy remove the post luh! not happy unfriend or block me luh! i didn't even say 'stop tagging me' i said 'would appreciate if you try not to tag me' =___=

 Still have 3 posts im tagged in though i already untagged/removed post from like over 4? I'm also tagged in like many other blogsohp pics and posts cause of my facebook name... But i only complain after i get tired of untagging from the SAME shop. and before this the rudest reply was simply ok. because most blogshops will be like 'ok sorry' 'sorry for any inconvenience caused' 'noted' etc But seriously this bloody Angel Lens a bit the fucked up ah?

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  1. Isn't she the one who have been scamming people?
    Her name is Wong KaiQi aka Christina.


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