Kayleigh and Carrot's Birthday Surprise ♡


Today is Sunday and im eating my nuggets waiting to leave home so.... i shall write about Thursday :)
And today is Monday and im....don't know doing what so i shall continue writing :)  

Carrot had planned it :) to surprise Kayleigh while they were studying :) But.... we decided to....in a way.... try to surprise carrot as well :)

So that day.... I met Geraldine and Raymond first and we went to Geraldine's house to bake cookies for the girls :) We planned to make 2 types of cookies for the girls :) one with the cookie mix and one with our own recipe ^___^
We were suppose to meet at 11 30 :\ but i reached at 1 30 :x hehhhhh Ok But we still ate yogurt before heading to Geraldine's house ^__^ Jumbo Cup Original Flavored Frozen Yogurt with Oreo crunch and fruity pebbles toppings at only $6.90 :D YAY <3
Ok so after that we met Kayleigh and Carrot after meeting Zixuan Jen and Sharlene at bout 6 to sign the cards/boards/whatever hahahhaha and here are the two darlingzxc with their....boards/cards/yeah you get the point :\
AWWWW Kayleigh making a wish ^__^ hehehheheh i remember she was like 'awwww you guys are so sweet' then raymond was like 'nope actually we're sour' HAHAHHAHA
Qtpie licking cake off her fingers <3
Ok after that was picture time :D spamming Geraldine's itouch with our faces haahahha heres Geraldine and I <3
my #ootd <3
#ootd together with my new boyfriend ;)
selca of the day ^__^

OK AND NOW.........GIFT TIME!!!!
TA-DAH! Carrot's Gifts <3 [koped from her insta hahha]

and here is Kayleigh :3 [koped from her insta too hahaha]

After that we just fooled around....talked laughed screamed shouted and finally after millions of 'im hungry' complains we went to order our dinners.....at burger king :x wow perfect place to have dinner during a bday surprise! hahahahha but its the thought that counts right ^__^

Oh hi here i am with an ordinary crunchy delicious onion ring and heres geraldine with a not so ordinary crunchy delicious onion ring :3 ITS AN INFINITY ONION RING :O ok im so lame hahaha kbye

omg and here are my new and improved tribal print nails <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i think my current nail length suits tribal prints the best ^__^ haha not too long can still be nice eh xD

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