A Girl's Day ^~^


Today was the last day of school! the official start of the holidays ^___^

Ok so at the start of the day i wasn't in a good mood cause.... i was late for school =___= so i had to stand in the field for like a whole hour+? cause its the last day so principal vice principal all must talk talk talk so im like =___= oh and i have to go back to school on tuesday for rock climbing... but wait for the best part....ALONE.

I was like 'can i not go?'
Mr David: Its compulsory
Me: If i sprain my ankle or go overseas then can i not go?
Mr David: You cannot just say... you must have proof
Me: parents letter can?
Mr David: haish.... yes lah can

HAHAHHAHAH can't blame me for it okay? who wants to go back to school for rock climbing ALONE with like 50+ other school mates? uh.... not me LOL and i have dyed hair and painted nails and i am NOT going to hide it so.... what for go?

But later in the day.... it was awesome!!!!!!!1

I highlighted my hair together with Crisann, Raymond and Geraldine :)

 while waiting.... 
Yay washed off! wet :x
yay dried ^^

oh gosh.... my makeup less face T__T
look at the mess we made :x

 Did Mask with them while stalking people's facebooks too hahahhalook at raymond! We used a plastic bag to cover his head cause we couldn't find a shower cap.... genius right? hahahha

 SO......This is how my hair looks right now!!!!! after one bleaching! gonna bleach again next week before i dye it turquoise next next week :)

 i want turquoise highlighted hair like hyuna ;____; one reason i decided to highlight instead of dip dye haha
 2nd reason, cause dipdye turquoise is too common now so.... ill highlight my hair turquoise instead to look like this OoO CHIO

got cartoon version somemore! hahahahha

Ok and at about 7+ 8pm.... Jasmine Winnie Jing Hui and Li Mei came to join us :D and they bought us kfc ^___^ so yay we ate kfc and after that we painted our nails together :D will post pictures after sunday :3 

Winnie has tribal nails <3 Li Mei and i have galaxy nails <3 Jing Hui has glittery french tip nails <3
Crisann has purple glittery nails <3 Jasmine has rainbow nails PAINTED BY RAYMOND <3 haha 

But yeah today was overall awesome ^__^ can't wait to bleach my 2nd time ^__^ and bleach my fringe! and I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY HAIR TO GO TURQUOISE :D

ok just a short post cause im bored.... but right now i shall.... i don't know do what... sleep? haha maybe ok bye :D

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