Qiu Qiu posted this picture on her instagram recently and im like.... hmm.... then i started thinking and i really just realized... i have a very good life.

and now heres a post to last sunday and to more smiles to come :)

Starting with sunday.... I WOKE UP AT EXACTLY 6 24AM!!!! can you believe that? u__u i wake up at 6 45 for school..... hahaha but okay i still can't believe it considering i woke up late for b2utiful show and etc....  so its a rare occasion when i actually wake up on time u___u but.... heh its all thanks to Rovson for morning calling me YAY i think i sounded like shit on the phone with my just woke up voice :x

#ootd ^__^
 I still think i look weird in this dress cause its so big and im so small and.... haish T__T but its still a pretty dress :D Ok so... after service we went to the airport to eat and YAY i finally ate the minced meat rice thing that andy and raymond always eats and OMO OMO OMO I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ok technically i lovelovelove anything with chicken/beef/lamb/pork/MEAT especially kfc but... i extra love this minced meat rice thingy so... wahahhaha

ok selca time ^~^ i think i looked really..... notprettynotcutenotanything that day though :\
selca with shirleen :D
Rovson :D
Joel hahahhahaha
Jinghui and Jasmine <3
oh hi jen
oh and Jen's confirmation is next week :D excitedexcited i have a lot planned to surprise her with 8) 8) 8)

After eating and what not... we went to dhoby ^~^ with jen shirleen raymond rovson joel rayner yong long chee meng yay and i got new eyeliner hahaha okay not much to say here :\ basically the guys all went to play lan and shirleen was watching random tvxq videos on raymond's phone and me and jen just sat there and stared at each other till crisann reached dhoby and we went to fetch her from the mrt :D

omg and super funny! i kept on mango pudding mango pudding mango pudding then jen was ordering gong cha and she ordered 'milk green tea with mango pudding' the person was like 'we don't have mango pudding' then we all laughed and laughed and laughed then jen was like 'oh sorry... milk green tea with herbal jelly'


The girls the girls the girls <3 picture from yuan ting's insta ^^
Met lorraine Winnie Jing Hui Alicia and Yuan Ting after that for dinner :D and we all walked to cine ^__^ where the coke truck was :D all we had to do was like their fb page, write down our name and ic number then press this button and shout 'im a bad girl/bad boy' and we would get a gift :D

I GOT MASCARA!!! and not just any mascara.... HELLO KITTY MASCARA ;)

we also got a lot of 1.5 liter coke and time zone cards and halloween headbands :D

OMG BUT DAEEEEEBAK each timezone card had like $10 inside! so we went to play arcade after that :D yay us! hahahah but yeah thats about it for sunday.....

ohohoh and here are my GALAXY NAILS :D

The tips sort of already chipped off pretty much but... it's still rather pretty no? :)

Ok now on to another talk about happiness... hahaha i realize i always keep on posting about what makes me happy, why i should be happy, what makes me sad, why im sad or angry i think im getting boring but nevermind u__u

so now.... i really think i have a very happy life like to be honest....



I mean... sure i've been through a lot... i've cried myself to sleep continuously for months.. my eyes were never the same again... i've been back stabbed, made use of, replaced, neglected, throw aside so many times that sometimes i don't even feel anything anymore.....


I have more reasons to be happy rather than sad like...  

I always think im ugly... but i know that i can be pretty with make up \m/ so i should be happy! cause i can actually FEEL pretty when i have make up on! It ain't the appearance which really matters... If you think you're pretty, YOU'RE PRETTY! If you think you're ugly, YOU'RE UGLY!

Hahahahahha hearing this every week and now its finally in my head :)

So at least i can feel pretty when i have make up on right? so i can take pictures when i feel pretty? Some people think they're ugly... so they are and make up or whatever can't help them and they never ever take pictures.... im not like that u__u so i should be happy right? :D

YAY ME!!!!!
K next

I have lots of friends!!! I need to stop complaining and whining about how i don't have a best friend/how i miss certain 'friends'... Not many people are lucky to even have friends and i have so many! im so blessed tbh.... i just need to tell myself that more! which i am now ^__^ 

Sure... i don't have a best friend.... i don't have anyone whom i actually trust FULLY... but look at it this way... how many people have that/those friends? very few and close to none right? Its just life and everyone can live with it so... so can i! 

But there are people who barely even has a friend... so now im thinking and im actually really happy....cause reallyyyyyyy

Kayleigh Jen Carrot Sabrina Crisann Dolphine Nicole Geraldine Felicia Raymond Jun Cheng Yonghe Shirleen Charmayne Natasha ZiXuan  ShiHui Winnie Vanessa Rovson Joel Jasmine Andy HanYang JingHui  MeiXin Sarah Kumiko Lin Shermin Amanda Stella Malcolm Diana Shirley Shirley Lester Anna JingLing Keven Kain Jasline May Maybelyn  XinJie Grace Claudia Zoey Ang Shuang Xin Hui Eleana Glenda Kamie

ETCETCETCETCETCETCETC there are just too many to name

Definition of friend:  a person who is on good terms with another


YAY ME!!!!! 

Also.... there are people who care about me :)
What do i mean? it's really the little little things which actually matter the most... Like...You can say this person cares about me a lot because this person bought me an expensive birthday present so this person cares that much. But then again... that doesn't really matter does it? 

I'd choose a surprise birthday party thrown for me by friends rather than get a $10 000 gift for my birthday

Its the little things like if you're buying something that is $1.80 and in you're wallet you have a $1 coin, 3 20 cent coins and a $10 note... some friends will donate 20 cents to you and some will stand there and watch you have to use your note

But what really made me think of this was... really just something i see and sometimes do EVERYDAY. think negatively. i saw these tweets on my timeline about like 'im useless' 'i don't know why i even exist' 'i hate myself' 'i wish i was never born' etc and im thinking... why do their friends not say anything? 

I'm actually just referring to 2 girls... the sad and the bad friend. But i shall not name names at the moment... But really that made me realize that people really do care about me.

Now... Whenever i have any 'bad' tweets... i have my friends mentioning me/texting me and even calling me... though sometimes... most of the time... i don't reply. But i do see those things and it just really makes me happy. 

Like when i had my earring problem... i was sosososososososo scared... fear itself causes pain. tbh i barely felt a thing thanks to the anesthesia thingy~ I mean... it doesn't even sound that scary now... They cut a hole in your ear, remove the stud fullstop! But it felt so so so scary back then... especially cause when we first went back to the shop the guy there really didn't know ANYTHING and he just anyhow tried to pull and it hurt like a bitch and i screamed and i just thought that even after the anesthesia it would still hurt that way...

But after receiving texts and tweets from everyone.... i wasn't afraid anymore! in fact... i didn't care anymore! The most unexpected people texted/mentioned me at that time... Especially 2 very important people to me... We had drifted very badly at that time but knowing that they still cared... it really just made me so happy i couldn't care if the operation  would hurt anymore.

Ok but yeah i know this post has a lot a lot of words u__u bare with me. i will post a post with loads of pictures next yay hahahhah 

But yeah.... people care about me
YAY ME!!!!!
selca of happy me to end off this post teehee

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