Flea @ Scape TOMORROW!


Heading to the flea again :) Haven't booked a stall on a saturday in a very very long time :x But im back! hahaha okay so its tomorrow at scape sky terrace level 4 and the organizer this time is WTFLEA!!!! '

They're rules are actually quite little....i like :3 as long as we don't exceed 4 ft by 4 ft they won't care what we do YAY THEY BETTER DO AS THEY SAY HAHAHAH they even allow us to bring our own chairs OoO cool.

OK so tomorrow ill be selling  these together with Crisann, Geraldine and Raymond :)

How are we gonna contain so much shitz into one stall? i really don't know.... BUT WE'LL FIND A WAY U___U

Probably going to be sitting on the floor all day so i should wear jeans/shorts! But then again... i should wear a skirt/dress to try to be pretty huh? :\

Ohoh and Nikki Pang will be coming over too :) she's a new blogger and she's currently having an awesome awesome giveaway! ^^ do take a look at her blog ;) she'll be blogging about her experience at the flea as well :)

alright now i shall go watch random youtube videos~ Wish me luck at my flea tomorrow ^^ really hope i can manage to earn at least $120 after covering rent,dinner and my own shopping for the day... haha quite impossible T_T cause my shopping for the day will probably be more than $25 already... haish

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