SKARF WAS IN SG RECENTLY AND AND AND jenny is so shy and cute and pretty and ferlyn is so cool and pretty and cute and tasha is so gorgeousssss and sol is sosososososososo cute omg all of them are so adorable ;_____;

 -inserts a picture of me :3 -

Ok so on the day of the fanbsign... i met kayleigh at 2pm to queue and guess what? the dear girl forgot to bring her album!!! so she had to use the post card.... which was quite sad :(

Ok so when we wrote our names for the fansign... we were like at 110 which was quite shocking O__O cause i expected to be at 250 or something like that but hahahha 110 is good ^___^
Jenny fan board + a star lollipop for her <3 taken by kayleigh hahaha

leopard print ring for ferlyn <3 also taken by kayleigh with her iphone :3 heheh
 picture with ferlyn's brother @WONGHONSONN :D
he's damnnnn nice omg like really!!!! i mean... he's ferlyn's brother eh!!! but he's not like bitchy about the fact that his sister is an idol :) i mean... people who are just a fanbase admin, or some person with inside info, or some person with a backstage pass, or even just some bitch who got fanservice are like all /looksdownoneveryonecauseimbloodyspecialcauseicanbeclosetotheidols/ lmao but honsonn is like /yay ferlyn's fans are everywhere i shall make friends with everyone/

Ok so when we finally got into the 'moshpit' area i got bored and whenever im bored.... i take pictures yay :D
i like my eyeliner that day <3
Jenny board and skarf postcard <3 and my neon orange nail that doesn't look that neon here :( hahahhaha ok why do i have painted nails during the exam period? how do i know u__u hahahah guess im just vain like that u__u /reach home/ /paint nails/ /leave home/ /reach home/ /remove nail polish/ /sleep/
 Geraldine and me :D
 omg my teeth look horrible T___T can't wait to do my braces in a few weeks time(?) so ill have a nicer smile yay \m/ AND I WANT TURQUOISE BRACES OMG TURQUOISEEEEEEE <3 HAHAHHA
me after the fanmeet :D
Ok so guess what happened during the fan meet??? IT WAS AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME OMG

So first was Ferlyn....
I gave her the ring and she was like 'OMG ITS OOO PRETTYYYYY' then she like wore it immediately before i had a chance to say 'wear it now' hahahahha and i think she really really did like it <3 
omg i remember after the fanmeet jen was telling me about how she got a shock from ferlyn's voice when she was like omg its so pretty~ heh happy me ^__^

Then next was Sol and Tasha!
she was so cute!!!! but i was still in shock from ferlyn's reaction so i don't really remember clearly what exactly happened but if i remember correctly... i was like 'you're so cute!!!!' and she was like 'awwww thank you' ;___; But at that point there was no one in front of tasha so after sol finished signing i realised tasha was like bored and looking at me and i was like omg she's so pretty T__T so thats what i told her while she signed for me :D and omg tasha is really gorgeous

Then last but not least was Jenny!!!
At first i froze in front of her and just stared and how pretty she was.... /slapsmyselfforthat/
Then after she signed and looked up she was like /pointpoint/ at the fanboard and lollipop in my hands then i was like blinkblink OH so i wanted to ask for a signature on the board but i just placed it on the table without saying anything then jenny took it and she was like /awwww/ and after that she pointed at the lollipop in my hand [which i almost forgot to give her] HAHAHHA i think she must have been thinking 'ITS A STAR!!! IT MUST BE FOR ME!!! :D' hahahha so i gave her the lollipop and was like 'enjoyyyy' then she was like nodding her head <3 and after that i asked for a hug... but sadly she was like 'cannotttt' /sad face/ so instead we shook hands till the guard chased me off the stage :(

picture from i guess? :\ hahahah idek T___T jen tweeted it to me and i was like OMG FERLYNNNNNNNN i miss her already :(
 yay <3 kayleigh's jen's carrot's mine geraldine's and zixuan's

After the fan sign.... we went to the loading bay <3 memories omg T_T i <3 iluma/bugis+'s loading bay lol

and the moment their bus came out ferlyn and tasha were like super high in the bus and they were running to the windows to wave/throwhearts and everything!!! hahaha i think they already prepared on the bus cause they know that sgrean fans will confirm with chop chop chop go to the loading bay hahahhahahah

i didn't really know what to do cause well.... i didn't bring a camera or my polaroid and my fanboard was with jenny already so.... i just did the heart with both arms and guess what? SOL DID THE HEART BACK :D TWICEEEEE and tasha did the mini heart back :D and posed for kayleigh all to take a polaroid ^___^

didn't really see jenny in the bus though :( she was at the other side :( BUT SHE DID THE HEART TO GER AND JEN :D

sadly..... the next day was departure T___T

 heheheheh i like this picture :D taken with raymond's phone!!! heheheh i think its the most liked picture on his insta :3

But laugh at me cause that day... /reach home/ /paint nails/ /leave home/ /reach home/ /remove nail polish/ /sleep/ AGAIN!!! and i wore the same headband again :x cause well.... the first day honsonn was like 'i like your headband' and when i took picture with him he was like 'hey its headband girl' HAHAHAHAH SO CUTE ;__; 

departure was pretty scary though :\ ok well.... not as scary as B.A.P but still.... i didn't expect people to be so.... what word should i use =___= ok ill just say i didn't expect so many bitches to be pushing here and there, pulling/whacking ferlyn's shoulder to get her attention etc well... you get the point...

i think this fanboy there was damn sad haha i mean like he damn poor thing eh :( he was like 'tasha tasha' but she was too far away to hear him and girls kept pushing him backwards away from tasha and well... guy push girl? nope he didn't do that so i don't think he got to get close to tasha the whole time :\

They were like /hold hands/ /runnnnnn/ hahahhaha :3 and jenny and sol were super adorable together!!! :D
Sol is so shy!!!!! but omg so happy for jen! the moment sol saw her when they got off their bus, sol smiled and pointed at her finger [cause jen gave her a ring] and sol kept paying special attention to jen :D so sweet <3

But yeah after they went in and everything i saw honsonn again! hahahha and he was like 'hey its headband girl again!' hahaha i really don't know why i never told him my name in one of the many conversations we had but ....yeah


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