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So I really enjoyed life at Domino's Pizza Party which I attended last week!

If you know me personally, you probably know of how much I LOVE Pizza so just picture how delighted I was to get invited to this Domino's event :)

For my Outfit Of The Day,

 Pic Credits: Kimmie and her itouch
 Pic Credits: Kimmie and her itouch
Pic Credits: Kimmie and her itouch

Pic Credits: TIN

I got my dear Kimmie an invite to join me for this event because Pizza is always that much better with a bff right? Just like Domino's ongoing promotion of 2 Pizzas for $22! Read on to find out more :)

We reached on time to get to meet most of the other bloggers before the event officially started and it was really just so nice to get to meet everyone 

Here's us with our new friend, Vanessa :)

Pic Credits: TIN


Before the Pizza, here's some facts about how their Pizzas come about!

You know how people always say that junk food ain't good for you cause of the amount of oil used to deep fry? Well at Domino's, everything is made all by oven!

From their entire Pizzas to their side dishes, everything is made by oven!!!! Well that obviously gives us another reason to eat some Pizza since this makes it less sinful and less guilty for us ;)

If you order from an outlet for take out, there is a 15 minutes take out guarantee that you'll get to enjoy :) And my favorite part about Domino's, their 30 minutes delivery guarantee!!! I hate waiting, I hate queues and I am really a rather impatient person... Ain't got time for 1 hour + delivery timings /flips hair/ So the best thing about Domino's is that they deliver in just 30 minutes!!!!

Here's a clearer break down on how that works, their pizzas are all made and shaped by hand and the process takes a total of 12 minutes to bake, the distance between where you are and their outlet will definitely be 15 minutes away or less and yes, they actually timed and planned it all out!!!

They have outlets at Ang Mo Kio, Arab Street, Bedok, Bukit Merah, Bukit Timah, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong, Katong, Killiney, Kovan, Pasir Ris, Sembawang, Tampines, West Coast and Woodlands

If they fail to meet their promises, you get a FREE pizza!!!! Yep, that's how confident they are on their 15 minutes guarantee!

Back to the party, here's a glimpse of all us bloggers being bloggers before pigging out and digging in


Check out all those different crusts and sauces! They have 5 different Pizza sauces plus you get to choose what types of crusts you would like for your Pizzas whenever you order from Dominos and choices include the Classic Hand-Tossed, Crunchy Thin Crust, New York Crust, Cheese Burst and their new Cheese Crust which is just... Cheese overload!!!

And I know I know... I really can't take pictures of food hahaha
Since it was a Domino's event, obviously we met quite a few food bloggers there too and boy oh boy they make good food look even better and so very very tempting... Their food pictures vs my food pictures are just... I feel so ashamed.

But obviously, I ain't ashamed of how much Pizza I ate and of course practicing my own specialty, taking Selfies ;)

Pic Credits: TIN
 I kind of tried to take a selfie with everything I ate but that obviously wasn't a very good idea because firstly, I failed hahaha and secondly, I didn't get to eat everything because I was too busy taking pictures >:[


Domino's is famous for their Pizza but I never knew just how good their sides were too!

They are currently having a 'Double Delights' promotion so you can get 2 sides at a cheaper price to add on to your awesome Pizzas! Mix your Onion Rings with Twisty Bread for just $6, Breadstix and Twisty Bread for $8, Cinnastix and Lava Cake for $9, 2 gourmet flatbread at $11 or 2 tender chicken sides (be it chicken wings, drumlets or crunchies) for $15!

As for the Pizzas, get satisfaction for just $22, $33 or $44!

You can get 2 Regular Pizzas for $22, 2 Large Pizzas for $33 or 2 Xtra Large Pizzas for $44!

And that's it! No delivery charges whatsoever now how awesome is that?

Don't forget to add a side or desert onto your order after reading or scheming through my blogpost because check this out.... 


I couldn't capture all that goodness in just 2 pictures so... 

Look at that goodness...

Domino's also has their very own Iphone app now!

Place an order now via their

Hotline: 6222 6333

From my very own personal experience, this is how my very own order process usually comes about... Call to make an order, wait 30 minutes for my pizzas and usually 2-5 minutes after I've gotten my Pizzas from the delivery guy, I'll receive a call to check on how everything is :) And the staff on the phone is always really friendly and easy to talk to too hahaha I will never forget how my friend was like '...why does she sound so happy? She sounds too happy...' Anyways, if there is anything you aren't happy about be it the waiting time, the pizza not having enough cheese or what not, you can actually let them know!

At Domino's they believe in 'Customers are always right' and all complains are taken into consideration for either a refund or change of pizza! So here's something new I learned about Domino's from the event... There are cameras in their kitchens and they actually weigh their Pizzas!!! So if you file a complain, they'll be able to investigate just what went wrong and something that really got me was how they actually weigh their pizzas to ensure that they put sufficient cheese onto every single pizza! There's a reason Domino's is my all time fav pizza place <3

We really had such a great time there

Pic Credits: TIN

So what happened after dinner?
More pictures of course!!!

2 of the amazing ladies behind this awesome event

Pic Credits: TIN
Pic Credits: TIN

Pic Credits: TIN

Pic Credits: TIN

Didn't get to personally meet and talk to every single one of the bloggers personally but I am honestly really glad that I made so many new friends that day :) Plus I really enjoyed the food so... a huge thank you to Domino's for having us and of course, William from The Influencers Network for the invite and for taking so many pictures for us ^^

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