Wheeler's Yard + [AD] Itsooofluffy_lj


So I finally visited the famous Wheeler's Yard...

Had an amazing time of pigging out and gossiping with BELBEL and of course, Lindsey and it was actually the first time I've met her. IT WASN'T AWKWARD! I think we are the perfect trio hahaha

Onto the nomz, let me first warn you that I... am a full time bimbo taking ootds and selfies and I really can't take pictures of food to save my life so don't judge me too much because I tried my best ahahaha

I love these beepy thingys

Our Drinks!!!
Bel got a Fruit Punch, I got a Iced Cappucino and Lindsey got a Cranberry and Hibiscus 

Lindsey's Spaghetti Bolognaise 

Bel's Prawn Aglio Olio


And our bills... 

Why are cafes always so expensive :( 

So was the food worth it? Well... apart from my crying wallet, the burger i got was really pretty amazing! I was contemplating between getting the burger and the fish and chips and I was like urghhhh always trust the burgers!!!!

And I just loved the onions topping the patty and the sauce.... It was good. My burger was good <3 $18.90 will still be considered pricey but I think it's still alright for a once in a blue moon kind of thing.

As for my Cappuccino, $6 is a rather normal price for coffee to me but... It wasn't really that good in my opinion. 

The place was still really cute though and since that was after all the main reason we were there, it was overall a good and totally worth it trip down to Wheeler's Yard at Balestier

Love their idea of turning their bicycle shop into a cafe as well and omg can we talk about how cute the red bikes lining the entrance were...

Misses London so much :'(

And of course... A visit to Wheeler's Yard ain't complete without some mandatory Wheeler's Yard OOTDs woohoo

The sun and all the shadows really ruined our pictures outside though :(

Cutie Bel wanting pictures with the wall that was kinda shiny from the sunlight hahaha

The sun eventually chased us away...

And we eventually ended up at the back of Wheeler's Yard which was just as perfect for pictures hahaha

We had a hell lot of fun back there hahaha

Starting off normally... 


Round and round and away we go~

4 by 4 and away we go~

Bimbo time

We're so fab hahaha

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed myself with the 2 of them :) I think we can really relate to each other based on so many different aspects and I can't wait for the next Cafe we'll visit!


I was sent this gorgeous White Marble Romper which fits me ever so perfectly with its 11" across waist and a quality band :)

And I really love these 2 last pictures but they weren't focused omg whyyy :(

 Totally loving this romper though! It's so soft and comfy and its material is definitely perfect for facing Singapore's blazing sun and most importantly... I'm not drowning in it cause its cutting fits me!!!! 

It's definitely a new staple in my wardrobe which I'll probably be repeating like again and again and again and again

The owner of @Itsooofluffy_lj is really friendly too
She's none other than @Sharlottek0h on Instgaram!!! 

But back to her shop... She really has a wide variety of gorgeous gorgeous apparels!!!

Here are 3 more of my favs that they're selling, aren't they all just to die for?!

Loving their Items and I'm definitely loving my romper to bits too 

and ending with a side note... What do you think of me as Barbie?

Stay tuned for another full look book post coming up soon with Barbie hehehe :)

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