My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Woohoo Woohoo and it is up!!!! 

I've put on so much weight omg forgive me I am in exam mode and just eating every single thing I see oops

Anyways, So what happened was that someone on my Ask FM was like 'Do the ALS ice bucket challenge! in a bikini please' and I swear... half of my ask fm questions are just like BIKINI BIKINI BIKINI oh my tian... But I replied like 'Donate $100 to them first and then I'll do it :)' and who knew that you guys would actually do it hahaha thanks to Chris, Nick and Zheng Yan for sending me the screenshots of their donations!

Alongside the video, I've donated $10 to ALS and also to Miley Cyrus's charity

You can check out Miley's charity for My Friend's Place, a charity to help thousands of youths and kids living in Los Angeles County, many of whom are fleeing abuse or are kicked out of their homes... 

Check out Miley's charity at

Apart from helping the youths and kids who need you, you also stand to win a lucky draw for VIP passes to Miley's concert in Rio!

Donating more will get you more entries for the lucky draw plus thank you ecards from Miley and T-shirts and Hoodies DESIGNED BY HER!!! 

Really love that girl and the work she is doing...

Let's have some Miley appreciation time

Love. Her.

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