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Aurora is actually a noun and means 'The Ancient Roman goddess of the dawn' or 'A radiant emission from the upper atmosphere that occurs sporadically over the middle and high latitudes of both hemispheres in the form of luminous bands' an example will be the Northern Lights...

This, is just one of the beauties of Aurora...

pic creds to Google and to galaticimages.com
So what is Aurora Gleam then?

Aurora Gleam is a blogshop specializing in selling Jewelry from Necklaces to Bracelets to Earrings. It is ran by a mother and daughter duo who believes that 'every outfit is not completed without beautiful accessories' 

I was sent a beautiful Necklace and Bracelet and I personally just love love love statement jewelry so much so you can just imagine how thrilled i was to receive these pretty pieces

And I especially love their packaging, check out their tags

It says 'Because every girl deserves to feel beautiful '

Also, Aurora Gleam is charitable! they are a part of the United Nations World Food Programme and you can read up more about that at http://auroragleam.com/pages/united-nations-world-food-programme

Cheers to all the nice and caring people out there who are going to save humanity :)

Apart from that, here are a few of my other favorite pieces from Aurora Gleam

Aren't they all just gorgeous?

I am genuinely loving these pieces, though the bracelet is slightly loose for my skeleton wrists, they are such gorgeous pieces and they make my accessories collection ever so much prettier 

Quote 'Andrea15' for 15% off purchases 
Fastest fingers win cause that code is limited!!!

Quote 'Andrea10' for 10% off purchases
If you missed your chance with the 15% off promo :) 

 They are currently still having a Hari Raya Sale too so do visit their sales tab at http://auroragleam.com/collections/sales to check that out :)

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