Racial Harmony Day :)


So this is like... a really late post hahaha

I actually dressed up this RHD! I borrowed a gorgeous gorgeous costume from the fashionista Putri and guess what? I somehow won best dressed hahahaha forever the only award I can actually get

So for winning best dressed, I got this pretty framed picture and some snacks plus a picture with our darling principal Mrs Yeo hahaha better than nothing I guess?

Honestly, in all my years of school from primary to secondary, this is the first time I have ever participated in Racial Harmony Day and also the first time I've ever taken a picture with the principal on stage haha what even... I just stoned for a moment when I heard my name and I was just like hmm am I suppose to do something? Hahahaha totes bimbotic.

But what can i say? I have always been really anti school in secondary school, partly because I never even wanted to go to the current school that I'm in, It was my 4th choice and I also even appealed but got rejected by my other choices :(

But anyways, back to RHD, I usually just turn up in uniform because apart from costumes, we were encouraged to wear Orange which is just.... ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK! But only in prison. ha. ha. ha. Orange just doesn't look good on me. 

"Whoever said Orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed" -Elle Woods

So here's how this year went down, Letrice somehow managed to convince me to wear a costume this year and at first, our whole clique was planning to wear Cheong Sams but due to a lack of available Cheong Sams, I borrowed a Malay costume from our dear Putri and ended up getting the title of best dressed hahaha :)

Totally unexpected though because everyone else had such gorgeous costumes too... But oh wells A for effort for actually participating I guess hahaha 

And here are all the pictures from the day woohoo

Love this pic with Letrice and Melissa <3
Photographer Creds to Christine hehehe

Le Banana Clique <3

Jaz, Mel, Letrice, Chin Ee, Me, Christine and Izzati 
And look. We are all good kids wearing school shoes yo!

Christine, Letrice and En Xu <3
Hashtag #TeamCrazy

Woohoo Woohoo AHAHA

Christine Cre and Alfian <3

Christine <3 
Her mouth was awkward so I decided to give her a smile hehe

Po Hann <3
He literally came as a French hahahaha dude you sassy

Alfian <3

Yin Zhi <3

Mariah <3

Huda, Letrice and our new co-form Ms Min <3

Le Class Peeps~

And behold.... the mandatory camhoes

Beginning with the struggle to find a good angle...

To the warm up shots....

Thanks guys for revealing me in such a horrible angle hahahaha 

and #leggo....

And I think the only reason I won best dressed was because of the 'wear a different ethnic costume' rule because everyone really looked so amazinggg hahahaha and cause you have to admit, the costume Putri lent me was really down right gorgeousss!

But woah short rant ahead... The juniors in the school... Woah I was just like what. the. actual. fuck?! Like they were wearing cheong sams with slits so high it showed their shorts and no they were not wearing long shorts. If the slits were at the front and back, their entire vagina and ass would be exposed LOL WTF?! You going school or? Wear until so revealing for fuck and LOL there were also so many of them wearing nothing ethnic whatsoever AT ALL. Like i saw a girl just wearing a white spag maxi... What are you suppose to be huh and it didn't even look good on her LMAO And some girl also wearing some weird black maxi with some aztec prints on it like what even... Tribal prints have no ethnicity in them at all. unless you're trying to show that you are from tribe in let's say, Africa.  And there were so many more like what?! I feel like such a good kid just for sticking to the rule of wearing school shoes because bitches be all up in their spiked high heels like WOAH WHAT?!

And if you actually get offended well then oh my dear I am so sorry to tell you that it just means that you're one of them so boo for you. It ain't my fault you suck.


Rant aside, it was a extremely hot day but definitely a rather enjoyable one to spend with le clique and le class :) But... I still doubt I'll cry at the end of the year hahaha no offense and no my heart ain't cold but I guess it's just my thinking? Like if we're actually friends and not just classmates then we will definitely be bound to meet up frequently out of schoolcoughjail right?

So that pretty much sums up my RHD and thoughts on the topic so... till next time then :)

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