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My entire outfit costed  $22

Necklace: $2 from Bangkok
Top: $5 from BANGMEOWSZX
Skirt: $5 from SZES at the Space Invasion sale
Socks: $0 cause legit vintage find from home hahaha
Shoes: $10 from a sale

So in conclusion, shop as much as you can during sales ;)

Throwback to Easter!!!

Gosh I really need to update this space more... I feel like for every post now, the pictures were taken probably a few weeks to a month ago hahaha

Spent almost an hour or maybe even more taking ootds and selfies with Eunice that day after Easter Service, Lunch and the TBMXX Easter Flea hehe

Have been wanting to post a haul of what I bought then but urgh I've been so busy (and lazy) lately...

Anyways, school has started again for me but it's been rather awesome so far except for the fact that I have a tutorial tomorrow morning which I have not finished so.... Till next time! I promise I'll post a full update soon please forgive me hahaha 

And to end on a sad note.... MY INSTA LIKES DROPPED BY HALF???!!!! Ok maybe not exactly HALF but like by 100-200?!?!?! URGH WHAT IS THISSSS GUYSSSS :(

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