Impressing myself



It's been ~9 months since I left my boring black hair behind me and my hair colour game has been going on as strong as ever since then changing almost monthly or even bi weekly whenever one colour fades to become a whole new one.

Maybe it all started as just a fashion trend but now... It's really became a part of who I am.

I remember the very first time I went rainbow. All the stares, glares and attention I got wherever I went felt so weird and down right awkward. I loved my hair. But I certainly didn't enjoy the judgement.

 I dyed my hair because I liked it and I still do.I dress the way I like and I'm not going to wear something just because it's 'in trend'.

White on white is a gorgeous combination that is sooo raved about and I think it is effortlessly classy and I LOVE them. But... I just don't wear it cause I simply don't like me in white.

 I like summer prints and pretty floral dresses but I don't think that it's very me so I won't wear them. 
It's that simple to me.
If I see something I like, I'll get inspired and maybe wear it. But that's just it.

I dress to impress myself.

I don't (ok I try not to) care about what people think or say.

That's my brand.

That's me.

And here's me in all sorts of hair colours the past few months hahaha

Pretty much more of a picture post or hair appreciation post than a blogpost but I just felt a need to say that I LOVE MY HAIR AND I DYE MY HAIR FOR ME. ME. NOT ANYONE ELSE. 

And in case you're wondering, my hair is still smooth and my scalp is healthy, I take real good care of them so... yeah :)

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