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So my 28 days journey has came to an end but woah what a journey this has been with the highly raved about, SkinnyMint!!!

Before I continue on, here's a little background on SkinnyMint!

Every single ingredient used to create this tea tox is 100% natural and organic. The Morning Boost will boost your metabolism, increase energy, burn fat, reduce appetite and is antioxidant! As for the Night Cleanse, it will cleanse your body, detoxify, reduce bloating and improve digestion

Onto my journey throughout these 28 days...

I was really excited to get to collaborate with SkinnyMint and to try this out because firstly, I have been wanting to go on a full on detox cleanse for like forever but I honestly just can't stick to a diet without meat for more than 3 days so this alternative really appealed to me

My appetite is rather crazy, I crave like a pregnant woman and I usually eat just about anything and everything, I'm not even kidding! But do you know that most of us actually do overeat the majority of the time? There's is a sure way to lose weight which I certainly swear by and this brings me to my first tip

Digestion doesn't begin when food reaches your stomach but it begins the moment it enters your mouth. There are actually digestive enzymes in your saliva and if you chew long enough, up to half the starch can actually be digested before you even swallow! When I'm having a fat day, instead of being all sad and starving myself, I just chew an average of 80 times (depending on what food i'm eating) before swallowing and yes sometimes it feels a little funny because your solid food will actually turn to liquid but trust me, it makes a huge difference.

There is also something called Hunger Hormones and when you eat slower and chew more, your brain will receive fulfillment signals to let your body know that you are full much earlier than you would realize if you were eating fast. However, even so, most of us usually simply carry on eating after ignoring those signals because we usually only stop when we hit our limits or when we run out of food. 

Therefore, eat slowly because then less fats will get stored in your body and you will come to realize when you have actually eaten enough, when you feel just a little full, that's when you should stop and when you eat slowly, you notice the signs must more easily :)

SkinnyMint's morning boost is said to help reduce appetite and I did really notice a difference! It didn't help with my cravings because my cravings are just... overwhelming all the time hahaha but instead, I started eating more meals but in smaller portions which is actually the best and healthiest diet to live by! If you eat slowly and at the same time stay conscious of it, trust me, you'll notice that you get full much quicker and when you feel that, it's time to stop instead of finish your meal like you always do. A question I get asked very frequently is how the tea tastes and for the morning boost, I love it! It's really fruity and I didn't even have to add any sugar because it wasn't bitter at all, it surprised me with its pleasant taste and in addition, it seriously smells sooo amazing!!!

The only thing I do not love about it is how the caffeine ain't strong enough to satisfy the coffee lover me, I think I drink way too much starbucks urgh Cafe Latte Double Shot come to mama now please

My next tip is one that I always break and end up regretting in the morning and this is to

There are 2 main points to this tip and that is to have a heavy breakfast, a lighter lunch and an even lighter dinner and to not eat right before going to bed. Your breakfast is the meal that revs up your metabolism and eating heavy heavy meals in the night results in you waking up full and maybe even skipping breakfast because you feel that you do not need it. Also, having breakfast as your heaviest meal, gives you a whole day to work it off as you walk around or what not where as with dinner as your heaviest meal, you know you barely do anything after that apart from chilling and lazing around with little movement at all before going to bed.

SkinnyMint's night cleanse... has stolen my heart. What the night cleanse does is it will rid your body of all the nasty things you threw into it. After sinful buffets or barbecues, this night cleanse is your answer! It will cause you to discharge all the bad and unhealthy stuff which your body does not need or want and this will obviously leave you not only healthier but also with a flatter stomach :)

The effect usually comes 6-8 hours after you've taken the night cleanse, I usually take it 1-2 hours before I sleep and no, I do not get awaken to go to the bathroom but rather when I first wake up or 1-2 hours after I first wake up and boy do I hate leaving the house feeling bloated so this... is my new bae <3

I always take it the night before shoots, events or special occasions and it honestly just gives me so much more confidence, something that money can't buy.

As for its taste, I ain't really that big a fan because of the presence of ginger and peppermint :(

You can take a look at all the ingredients in the tea here at SkinnyMint's website

But of course, if you're serious about losing lots of weight or if you really want a Victoria Secret Body, you have to work for it too.

Which brings me to something I live by

Working out with Youtube
Watching youtube videos is obviously something all of us already do so very regularly but apart from all the Michelle Phan, Tyler Oakley, Pewdiepie or even MY BAE JOE SUGG... Youtube is perfect for all you lazy people out there just like me. Although my nearest gym is literally less than 5 minutes away, I ain't got time for that and gosh who likes public gyms anyways /flips hair/ #DreamingToBeRich

So instead, just invest in a yoga mat which costs only like $8 to just less than $20 from Watsons, Guardian or even Value Dollar and they are pretty too, mine is lime green <3

And you have to admit that working out in private from the comfort of your own home is just so much more convenient and really, spending as little as 10-15 minutes a day on 1 or 2 videos, you'll already notice a difference. Of course, if you want more results, go ahead, do more and go more hardcore! 

Here are some of my favfavfavvvvv videos


10 Minute Ab Workout - Laura London Fitness 

5 Minute Ab Workout - XHIT Daily

Victoria Secret Ab Workout - XHIT Daily

Lower Belly Flattener - Blogilates

Legs and Booty

Call Me Maybe Might Squat Challenge - Blogilates

8 Minutes Buns and Thighs Workout - URGANOG

Victoria Secret Angel Butt Workout - XHIT Daily

5 Minutes Butt and Thigh Workout - Fitness Blender


Weight Loss Cardio Workout - XHIT Daily

50 Calories in less than 3 Minutes - XHIT Daily

Fat Destroyer - Blogilates

But if you know me, I love running so that will always be my favorite form of cardio ;)

I use this free app Run Keeper when I run and it actually tracks the distance you ran, your speed, pace and even how many calories you've burned :)

So what is my progress? Well, honestly speaking, I've been slacking off on my workout routine so so soooo much recently... Os has got me too busy to even sleep :( Plus, the prelims period really killed me. I went into that exam, see anything eat everything, snacking all day all night phase and I swear without Skinny Mint, I would've gained sooo much weight.

I tried to get back on track after prelims but honestly, I've only had time to go for one short 3km run in the past 3 months so honestly, SkinnyMint really helped me a lot by containing my appetite a little and of course, demolishing all the nasty suckers.

Though I haven't had much time, 10-15 minutes workouts are obviously still possible from time to time so with just working out to tone and with SkinnyMint keeping me energized and less bloated, here are my start vs end pics


I was much more devoted to training my ab muscles last year and at the very start of this year so you can kind of tell that they were still half around though they were literally concealed by my belly fats... When I first started drinking SkinnyMint, I felt so much more energized and definitely, motivated to try to get back on track


Kicking away those annoying fats to reveal more of those ab lines hiding at the bottom :)

Skinny Mint's 28 Days Ultimate Teatox Package costs SGD69.90 and if you're looking to save, order with a friend because Besties Package which includes 2 x 28 Days sets costs only SGD112 so you'll save SGD27.80 !!!

If you're unsure of which package you would like to get, take a look at the FAQ page on SkinnyMint's website

Honestly, I think I may get another 28 days set or maybe another set of their Night Cleanse because I still throw way too much unhealthy junk into my body and being around so many skinny skinny models I just feel like a potato :(

You can find Skinny Mint at their

On an almost ending note, don't ever feel like you're too fat because its only human that we all have some fats around our bodies here and there and if you're literally skin and bones, please eat more. I ain't all skin and bones either, I can pinch to find so many fats all around me but that's really alright with me because I'd rather eat and be healthy rather than starve or even binge and then throw up... Some people are blessed with really high metabolism but something people don't often talk about is how eating irregularly actually pretty much kills your metabolism. Going on a 'diet' eating 1 meal a day or barely eating at all is only going to make you bloat like the crazy the next time you eat and that is seriously NOT the way! Eat clean, eat slow, eat early and workout even for just 5 minutes a day and trust me... you'll slowly but surely achieve what you're looking for while staying a healthy human :)

SkinnyMint is a teatox. It's objective is to help you detox and get healthy! But by getting rid of all the toxic from your body plus getting your diet into place right, you will most definitely lose weight too but just remember that Skinny Mint is an aid to help you but it can only help you if you allow it to. 

If you're overweight, eat clean, eat slow, eat early and try working out! If not, don't worry too much because society's idea of skinny is unrealistic and being that skinny and that close to being anorexic is just not alright. 

Everyone's bodies are different and everyone gains differently, I gain mostly on my belly. It expands like 2-5 times after I eat, even small meals, I am not even kidding or exaggerating hahaha 

And if you have haters telling you that you aren't skinny enough... really... just tell them to screw off.
Only horrible people with rotten hearts and no sense of humanity would do that. Don't let them get to you. Ignore them if you can or talk to someone you trust about it but no matter, don't let them get into your head! Just screw them haters!!!

No, I'm not the skinniest I've ever been, but I'm fine with it because I actually have some boobs and some ass and I'd rather have some curves and fats than be runway model skinny :) Who cares if I don't have a perfect model's body, I don't want to look too skinny and unhealthy anyways. I'm fine with having some fats cause well... I'm human too!

This brings me to the end of my post... Feel free to drop me a question on my Ask Fm at even though I'm really inactive in answering my questions there hahaha 

Feel free to drop me an email at too if you have any serious questions about Skinny Mint, weight loss or what not hahaha 

Till next time.... 


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