Throw It Back to Trick Eye Museam


So I got an opportunity to visit the Trick Eye Museum last month!
Thank you Trick Eye Museum and your lovely team for having me and thank you TIN for the invite

Here's a little background on TEM itself, it's located at our precious Resorts World Sentosa and opens from 10am to 9pm daily. Originating from Hongdae, South Korea, enter with the expectancy for some cute and some crazy exhibits! 

I always wondered how it all worked, how do people get that effect to float or become a giant or what not... Well here's a secret, go to trick eye and find out yourself muahahahaha 

Ok just kidding but really, go take a look! My first reaction was pretty much just like huh? that's it? Trick Eye is basically the illusion created with 2D pictures and/or some 3D objects and it's really your photographer for the day who's going to make all the difference hahaha

Tickets are prized at $25 but trust me, it'll be worth it if you go with fun friends hahaha 

You can purchase your tickets online at or or of course, at the physical ticket booth at Trick Eye itself!

There are a total of six themed zones in the museum which are titled
-World of Masterpieces
-Safari Kingdom
-Stars of Circus
-Dreams of Fairytale
-Love in Winter
-Adventure Discovery

Apart from all the exclusive original artworks you will see, the museam also has some classics from the Trick Eye in Korea which includes the 'Angel's Wings' 'Moon over the Sky' and 'Human Cannonball'

Obviously we all know that visiting Trick Eye = Taking tons of pictures so without further a do, here's some other shots from that night

I like this elephant

No caption.



Heavy Bitch.

Obviously, I lost the race because the horse was too fast for me ahhhhh

I really think though, that these pictures really don't give trick eye the credit they deserve.

Here's some quick tips for you to get more close to perfect photos when you decide to visit!

-Be happy when you visit
-Go in even numbers and choose your photographers before hand
-Always know what effect each art work is suppose to give you, there are examples on the sides of every art work
-Stand at photo points to have the best angle
-Go crazy and not care about the other people around
-Be different, think different and take special pictures

Honestly, I wasn't really feeling it that night. I had rushed down from tuition after a whole crazy day of studies, I was starving and that's not even it. When I first brought out my camera that day, guess which idiot forgot to grab the camera battery ha ha ha I had to cab home and cab to sentosa and plus my hunger, I was pretty much ready to just purge. 

And guess what? We didn't even use my camera that night so I pretty much just wasted my money, time and worries for nothing. My mood was spoiled for the night and that really ruined my whole experience there... 

Probably going to pay another visit to Trick Eye sometime soon after my exams, take nicer pictures and have actual fun because that's really what Trick Eye is about right?

Trick Eye is really all about having fun with your loved ones, building memories and capturing those memories in photographs.

Can't wait to visit the highly raved about Trick Eye Museum again!

On a side note, I'm suppose to be on a hiatus until my major exams end but lol just look at me... Apparently I believe I pretty much flunked my most important L1 subject writing pretty much crap out of point and in the wrong formats, it was horrible. My usual 8 9 or 10 out of 10 for the editing portion dropped to a damn 5 which is a just pass. That pretty much killed all my motivation so oh well looks like I just lost my future so I'd better start finding a sponsor for a house LOLOL

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