Lookbook:Barbie-ception for Shop Vexed


So I decided to bring my bimbo-ness to a whole other level...
I decided to be Barbie!

I got my doll make up on, added a wig and bam!
Who is this...

Apart from camwhoring, barbie got all decked up in Shop Vexed too...

Here is Shop Vexed's Embroided Floral Sleeves Babydoll

What do you think of Barbie being the new face of Shop Vexed?

This babydoll dress is still available on www.shopvexed.com at just $22 so do check that out now!

Babydoll dresses are really just... Life savers. You can literally eat as much as you want but still stay as confident because the babydoll dress's cutting just ensures that you reveal 0 tummy :)

Who doesn't love another buffet outfit? 

Ain't got time to try to be skinny hahaha

Quote 'VexDrea' for $2 off purchases

Next up, get prepared for some Barbie-ception because Barbie... IS DECKED IN BARBIE


Still getting the hang of using my new camera to take my pictures but boy is it hard to get this stupid shit to focus on me when I take my ootds and lookbooks >:[

It's just perfect for close up shots because this cam really rocks when it actually focuses right but... IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IT TO FOCUS ON ME!!!!

So in the meantime, enjoy all of my half focused shots hahaha

Gonna be on a semi-hiatus until my exams end in November so... till then I guess!

Can't wait till I'm actually free and have proper time to sleep and blog...

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