My dear super kpo singaporean mother ♡


Ok i covered my face cause well.... this post in about my mother so.... this is our picture at that time were she looked good but i looked... horrible i had a /OMG THE ELEPHANTS ARE LIFTING ME UP SO HIGH/ /OMG IM GONNA FALL/ *GRABS TRUNK* /OMG THE TRUNK IS SUPER ROUGH/ face 

K so....My mother is..... the kpoest of the kpoest singaporean mothers like seriously!!!!!!! She can ask about anything and she can bombard me with 19872896386324187 questions in a minute!

Ok so once again im gonna spazz over how much i love posting in this blog hahahahha to me its literally just like unlimited tweeting where certain judgemental-twofaced-freaks-who'll-use-every-tweet-against-you don't 'follow' me and i really doubt that they're all really lifeless enough to come stalk my blogs everyday if they even stalked me thoroughly to find and realize i do blog haha

ok so i was just tweeting about stuff my mum asked me tonight and i realized heh.... those are quite a lot of tweets why don't i just blog instead so..... HERE I AM HERE I AM /dances to watch out/ OMG AND IT WAS #1000DAYSWITHZEA OHYEAH BABEH ZE:A ZE:A ZE:A 1000 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK SO TONIIIIIIIIIGHTTTTTTT WE ARE YOUNG! and my mother wants to young too LMAOHAHAKCAN omg but i look so weird in this picture :( 1 year ago.... clear lenses...0 make up T.T

Ok so how these questions came about.... and how my screening starts... LMAO

i open the door, walk to the computer, sit down and....

Mum: Where you go today ah???

Me: Out?

Mum: Why go out? Why don't want stay home?

Me: Cause no one was home? and there was nothing to do?

Mum: Where you go?

Me: Woodlands

Mum: Why you no school still want go woodlands?

Me: Cause..... i don't know

Mum: Then you keep going there for what?

Me: Singapore so small no where else to go mah

Mum: Go there do what?

Me: Eat

Mum: Whole day eat ah?

Me: No lah

Mum: Then do what?

Me: Talk?

Mum: Who? [I think she said with who but i only heard who so i was like :\ ]

Me: Huh?

Mum: You eat and talk to yourself meh?

Mum: Then you talk and eat with who?

Me: Friends

Mum:Who are your friends?

Me:Kpop de

Mum: Names?

Me: Raymond and Crisann

Mum: Who is raymond and crisann?

Me: My friends


Mum: Is Raymond the guy from the flea that time?

Me: Yes

Mum: Why is he so tall?

Me: How do i know?

Mum: How old is he?

Me: 15

Mum: wah he very tall. He helped you with your luggage right?

Me: yes

Mum: good friend! What school de?

Me: Woodlands ring

Mum: so he stay woodlands ah?

Me: yes

Mum: the crisann eh?

Me: same. woodlands ring and same staying at woodlands

Mum: no wonder you everyday still go woodlands. you all got study together a not?

Me: huh? yes?

Mum: ok good. by the way you bought new shoes again ah?

At this point.... shes done questioning me about where i was and who i was with and everything so she moves on to ask more questions and in this case.... cause of Rovson's slippers ;_____;

Me: what new shoes?

Mum: The slippers outside not yours meh?

Me: My friend's one

Mum: Whose one?

Me: You don't know one luh. From church de.

Mum: Who?

Me: Rovson..........SEE! told you you don't know who de

Mum: Why are his slippers with you?

Me: Cause i broke my shoes yesterday

Mum: What shoes you break? where you go yesterday? Why he lend you his slippers?

Me: My red shoes. I went to Woodlands and....cause i broke my red shoes

Mum: Which red one? the one i bought you ah? He stay at woodlands also ah?

Me: nope i buy myself de and yes he stays at woodlands

Mum: Why all your friends stay at woodlands?

Me: How i know

Mum: Wheres your broken shoes? is it the flag one? can fix a not?

Me: cannot fix le... The whole bottom part gone le so i threw away

Mum: Why throw maybe still can fix eh! So whose Rovson? Why the ray what rayson ah never lend you his slippers?

Me: cannot fix luh! and its raymond.... and.... aiya don't ask so much luh

Mum:Why the Raymond never lend you his slippers? Then how the Rovson go home that day?

Me: We were near his house so he went home to bring slippers for me

Mum: Wah so good ah?

Me: Yep of couse

Mum: What you do yesterday?

Me: Eat

Mum: Everyday eat and talk later you become fat. Are you going to return the slippers?

Me: obviously....ya

Mum: Why your other friend's slippers still with you? [referring to Wei lin's one]

Me: cause she doesn't want it anymore.

Mum: Why she don't want?

Me: how i know? But she said keep it or throw it so.... yea

Mum: Make sure you return your rov friend's slippers ok? our house enough shoes liao too many le

Me: His name is Rovson and yes i will return

Mum: Later i confirm see it in your flea bags lorh. [OMG FIRST THING SHE SAID WHICH WASN'T A QUESTION]

Me: nope won't happen


And here is the lovely lady with the million questions! muai motha~ AND YES SHE IS SUPERRRR BITCHY which is why im constantly renting about her on twitter but still..... thats the woman who gave birth to me lmao hahahah picture from thailand trip last year ^__^ i look.... xmm-ish in this picture but haish T__T

OMG and i think this picture is like superrrr funny.... though i look kinda weird with who knows what short i was wearing and i was carrying some pencil case? hahaha omg i remember.... i didn't bring a small bag to put my stuff in so i just grabbed some pouch to throw my phone, earpiece and some money into then i grabbed my.... uh....*cough*2pm handphone strap and just attached it to the pencil case/pouch thingy and TA-DAH lame ikr. kcan.

But yeah i still think this picture is funny :\ we look like as though someone just bitched at us and we're like not happy which was quite true!!!! i mean.... we couldn't find the restaurant we wanted to eat at which was the roof top restaurant of baiyoke sky hotel or something :\ But the lifts were superrr complicating and everything so we gave up LMAO but we were trying to stay positive so we started taking random pictures with random shitz around and heres one failed picture HAHAHHAHAHA

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