My New Phone ^u^


Just a short post about my new phone :) Sony Xperia Acro S

Feel free to skip this rant just scroll all the way down till you see a picture

So... How i ended up getting this phone :\ Originally i was suppose to get a s3 in September during the comex show~ BUT here is why i didn't get it.

The show was 4 days only. Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday.
I usually always have something on on Fri Sat and Sun so i told my family to go on thurs but my sis was like 'she ends school late on thurs' so we decided on friday but my sis said she had to send her friend off at the airport so i was wtf fine then how do you expect me to go?

But last minute on friday my sis was like 'just go' and at that time i already made plans i was like wtf =___= and the plan was to rush. rush rush rush just so she could send her friend off after that so i was like why should i even go?

So i just told them what i wanted and told them to get for me. basically i just said i wanted s3 what colour what whatever let them decide lah i really heck care le. BUT they didn't.

Mum and Dad went again on saturday when i had a flea. BUT due to a long queue and cause the show ran out of free gifts... i had to wait for the next show which was last week. WTF RIGHT? its not wait for days or weeks but i waited for months! AND GUESS WHAT? still no s3 hahaha fucking funny mind my vulgarities but if you were in my shoes and you could stay calm.... i salute you baby.

Then guess what happened at the show...

Before going to m1 my mother went to 'Dlink' 's area were we got our taiwan tablets and etc from and guess what? SHE WANTED ME TO GET A PHONE FROM THERE.

Its like someone promised to get you a bag from like gucci or something but in the end wanted you to settle from a bag imported from china.

U N R E A S O N A B L E?

Its not even under m1/singtel/starhub/sony/lg/samsung/ANYTHING  puh-please i'd rather use my rubbish bb

The guy was like 'its exactly the same as s3' i like 'yeah but its not'

LIKE SERIOUSLY?! and after we got to m1......

GUESS WHAT? S3 is hot. Its so high in demand now that m1 can just sit down and relax and people will still queue to buy it! so..... at comex(newly launched) there was a $50 discount and free gifts(cover, extra charger, extra this and that) but at this show cause its already been proven that s3 is wanted by everyone no matter what... there was ONLY a $10 discount....

and the sadder thing is that the show wasn't selling note or note 2 so it was just s3! so my mother was like no. WTF BACKING OUT ON HER WORD FOR THE 891261892712TH TIME!

So at that point she was like 'i thought you said you would settle for note?' OMFG YOU KIDDING ME?! I wanted to BUY ON MY OWN! But you refused to let me buy it and INSISTED that i waited for the show and YOU would get me A S3! NOW WHAT CRAP ARE YOU SAYING?!

I was like 'they don't have note here' so she stood there in the middle of m1 with a bloody stupid face walking here and there AND WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTED BUT BASICALLY SHE DIDN'T WANT TO GET ME MY S3 AND SHE WANTED ME TO GET THE DK WHAT SAI PHONE FROM TAIWAN JUST CAUSE ITS CHEAPER


BUT THANK GOD after who knows how long, the sony guy was like 'can i help u?' so for the millionth time she complained 'my other girl got an s3 at the previous comex sale with a $50 discount and free gifts but here now got nothing' YOU NOT PS I PS CAN ANOT?! FREAKING TYPICAL SINGAPOREAN AUNTIE WHO THINKS THAT BY COMPLAINING THEY WOULD GET THEIR WAY. thinking exactly the same way as a little child who thinks that if they cry they would get their way and aunties? complain then they will get their way but PLEASE LAH HORH THIS IS REALITY

You think you complain complain only they will give you a $50 discount and give you free gifts?! NO RIGHT?

So the sony guy....wait for it...SONY... had to explain to her for who knows how long again that samsung is just.... there. S3 is like the new iphone. Do you see apple giving any discounts or free gifts? THEY DON'T HAVE TO! They don't need to do anything! even if they increase price people will still queue to buy it!

But after don't know how long of debating with her she finally accepted reality then the sony guy started telling us about the new Xperia Acro S which would cost only $198 top up and i settled for it cause... if i didn't i would've ended up with a s3 wannabe from who knows where =____=


Ok tbh.... its not that bad :\ its actually pretty awesome :) So far.... there isn't one thing i can find that s3 has and this doesn't :) other than speed and the fact that s3 covers are everywhere but i can't find a single cover for this phone. But whatever this phone's speed is still way faster than bb so.... yeah its awesome ^__^ But what it has which s3 doesn't.....


But.... i've only been using it for less than a week so far :\ hope i find more things to love and not hate in the next few days weeks months YEARS which we'll spend together :')

oh and i already have a few hundred pictures in it already hahahahhaah more to come more to come ^u^

All my recent pictures on instagram were taken with this phone :) not bad ah????

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