Had loads of fun dyeing loads of shirts today :D

picture of me Jen Yonghe and Raymond hahaha
Raymond Dolphine and Jen at the start of it all :)
Acid washed pink collar and pockets top :D
Painted it pink with fabric paint but threw it to wash too early which caused the acid wash-ish effect hahah pretty nice though huh? u__u

 no idea how to describe this top..... its quite sexy don't cha think? hahahahahaha

 Brown galaxy-ish shorts results of improper left for too short a time for bleaching hahahah

and a few more....
and here is the dye we used :)
bought at $4 from the flea market :)
As for the paints, they were $4.95 each at amk's popular :)


Baked Cheese Pasta With Meatballs :D

 ok and now i shall end this post with this picture :D hahahah too lazy to edit or whatever so.....heh :P

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