Late post: Halloween 2012 ^u^


 HALLOWEEN 2012!!!

 Starting this post with a still human selca before i start creeping! hahahahha 
What did i dress as for halloween this year? a zombie doll!

Whats my story?
 I was a flawless doll who was loved and pampered by a little girl all the way until she grew up, started working, got married and moved home, leaving me left behind alone. The house burnt down with me in it a few days after my owner moved. I was burnt badly but refused to be burnt to ashes so i came to live and walked out of the fire and till now i have been searching for the girl wanting revenge for leaving me behind.

HHAHAHHAH LAME ANOT MY STORY? I anyhow one u__u Felicia says im a haunted princess so... im a haunted zombie princess doll? hahahahah ok so do you want to see this haunted zombie princess doll?

 And what did my friends dress as?
Juncheng and Raymond
 Jun Cheng didn't want to let us put make up on him so he bought a mask hahahah
 As for Raymond... He made his own costume and wore a scream mask but in the end... well you'll see soon
Raymond and I
 He ended up ditching the mask cause after playing ith make up, we realized than it was wayyyy scarier than a mask :P
Jen and I
Jen actually didn't plan to dress up but she ended up playing with my eye liner and eye shadows and just by adding on a wound, she's a zombie getai singer hahahah or as we describe it, CHINGAY :P

Crisann and I
 Crisann was... the zip eye girl!

Felicia and I
Another Last minute thing but Felicia became my zombie doll friend ^u^ hehehehh 

Ok now... wondering how i did my make up? You'll find out soon enough :)

 These pictures were taken at the end of it at Felicia's house so... my eye lashes were dropping off :(
BUT it makes me look even more like a burnt broken doll no? 

Ok now how the make up was done!
Last selca before i start the tutorial
Here is all the make up i brought along with me for the night
BUT you really don't need that much! hahah ok now.. 
I'm just telling you what i did for the look. Some steps may be extra some important steps may have been skipped but this is just what I did to achieve my Halloween look :)

STEP 1: Moisturize!!!! Always moisturize before applying make up especially if you'll be applying thick amounts like i did for that night.

STEP 2: Concealer!!! Concealing dark eye circles, blemishes etc 

STEP 3: Foundation!!! I applied a total of 3 layers so that my face became really really fair. I wanted white but... i didn't manage to find white face paint so i settled with the lightest shade of liquid foundation i had

STEP 4: Highlighting and Contouring!!! I highlighted the bridge of my nose and contoured the sides etc to give me a smaller doll-like nose :)

STEP 5: Eyeliner!!! I drew my upper lash line thickness about the same as the thickness of a finger. Next, I used white eye liner on my water line and lower lash line and finally, i lined under the white liner with a black liner, winged it and just shaped the whole eye look 
[i have no idea how to properly explain T__T ]

STEP 6: Eyelashes!!! I stuck them on on the tip of where the eyeliner ends instead of on my normal lashes and i just piled on more and more on the top and bottom until i was satisfied :)

STEP 7: LIPS!!! I concealed my lips with concealer and re drew them to be shorter and plumper than my usual lips so i could have doll-like lips for the night ^u^

WATCH THIS A video by Michelle Plan :) So you'll have a better idea on how to create the eyes and lips :)


Its actually really easy :) all i needed was liquid latex which i bought from popular at only $1.95 ^u^

STEP 1:Apply thick amount of liquid latex [3 coats would be enough]
STEP 2:Use a pair of tweezers or your finger nails to peel the latex and create a ripped skin effect
STEP 3:Create your blood :) I used red lipstick and some red and green eyeshadow :)



Ok thats it!
Next halloween i'm planning to be.... idk yet hahahaha kbye

please forgive me for any grammar or spelling mistakes in this post cause im too lazy to check now before posting cause it's like 4am in the morning so.... yea ill check next time :)

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