My Hair and Birthday ♡


Short post about hair again because i want to sleep but im not tired so.... i decided to blog then sleep yay ^u^
oh and my new favorite emoticon is ^u^ again \m/

current hair colour
omg the way i edited this picture..... xmm to the maxxxxxx hahahah may everyone forgive me this once cause i couldn't resist the cute little cats and dogs hahah ok so my hair right now is rather weird :\

First there were too little highlights... now there are too many highlights T__T now it looks like i have light brown hair with dark brown highlights lmao and the worst thing is... i used 2 different brands of bleach and i also used some of raymond's hair dye so.... i have my original dark brown hair... then from raymond's dye, brown hair then from my first bleach, blonde hair then from the 2nd bleach, light brown hair...

SO MY HAIR IS REALLY WEIRD NOWWWW people say 'its okay what' but im like... 'DON'T LIE TO ME ITS NOT ITS NOT ITS NOT' inn my heart :x hahaha

Went to hunt for hair dyes yesterday... wait now is 4 30am :x ok the day before yesterday after dinner at amk with Jen Rovson Yonghe Felicia and Raymond :D

BEAUTE SPRING (idk if i spelled it right) IS HAVING A CLOSING DOWN SALE!!!
Revlon @ 4 for $18!!!!!
Liese @ 2 for $21!!!!!!!!!

CHEAP DIE ME!!!!!!!!!! BUT theres always a but T__T BUTTTTTTT they didn't have the colour i want :(
I want an ash grey/green colour to go with my turquoise dip dye

ok but YESTERDAY i went for dinner with Jen again and i found the perfect-ish dye :D for $13.90 though...but still way way way cheaper than going to a salon u___u

omo and before i die... i want to have all sorts of different hair colours!!!

Especially beecause of Apple Tiffany new hair colour!!!
She posted it on her Facebook and i came across it on my home page and i was like OoO chio to the max!!! and after that i decided to stalk her and i found her blog and... she's an awesome blogger :) i think her posts are all really meaningful and can help anyone! hahahah wish her blog fonts were bigger though :x

Ok and rainbow hair!!!!
 Tiffany had linked a hair stylist's page in her post with the picture of her hair so.. i went to stalk the stylist too and this was one of his works!!! HERE

 So now i've decided... next year end of year.... i want rainbow hair!!!!
 Pastel Pink hair Pastel Blue hair Pastel Yellow Hair aren't they all so pretty?? so i think pastel rainbow hair will solve the 'dk what colour to dye' problem! hahahha
 isn't she lovely???? isn't she wonderful??? hahahha i have no idea why that song is stuck in my head now BUT LOOK AT HER RAINBOW PINK HAIR!!!!!! pretty from root to tip u__U hahha
oh my gosh and pastel green hair.... pastel green hair.... pastel green hair... so pretty im going to cry ;___;
Ok need i say more? pastel rainbow hair is really....DAE BAK

 Pastel violet/purple highlight-ish dip dyeish hahahha!!! but pretty!!! maybe ill dye this for june hols next year

 ok i.... can't wait to get pastel rainbow hair.....
omo this is pretty too though :P red and blue dip dyed highlights

Ok and now is like coming to 5am i should sleep or ill probably end up waking up late tomorrow :x meeting Dolphine Jen Swetha Raymond Crisann and Yonghe tomorrow ^__^ can't wait!!! haha and im meeting dolphjenmond at bout 1pm at amk!!!!! so i better sleep now :x haha ok
uhm... heres a picture of me
LOL failed attempt to look like pxdkitty :x my hair not chio enough and omo i look fat :x hahah ok

OHOH AND NOW ITS 7TH NOVEMBER!!!! which means.... 2 more days till my birthday! yay shopping here i come :D

omo my birthday.... hahah made me think of Jen today... Hahahah that crazy girl!!!

We were at popular then i was like 'OMO SQUISHY EEYORE' Then i wanted to buy it and she was like 'ill buy it for your birthday, you use your voucher buy fabric paint for tomorrow' and in the end she asked Rovson to buy it for me O.o hahahahah

I think she threatened him in some way though u__u omg and damn funny! she told him she was going to give him to me for my birthday hahahha then she was texting hanyang and he said he'll wrap a ribbon around him and give himself to me hahaha then jen said she was going to give raymond to me hahaha

So for my birthday im going to get an eeyore, a rovson, a hanyang and a raymond :D WOOHOOOO

ok goodnight!

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