Birthday Shopping ^u^


 Shall start this post with s selca ^u^ Was suppose to meet Sab at like 1pm but we ended up meeting at 4 30pm :x Hahahah #foreverlate

Was on the phone with Jen and Rovson the previous night till like don't know what time hahahah Jen hung up at about 6 30 and Rovson at about 7 AM omo and that pabo rovson is so.... paboya ;___; i said i didn't want to sleep cause i was afraid that i wouldn't wake up on the time the next day and rovson was like what time? i was like 10 and he was like ok ill morning call you

That pabo called me at 9 45 somemore ;___; which meant he set his alarm at like 9 30???? pabopabopabo

 Ok but yeah after that i fell asleep again and i woke up at 3 so..... yeah hahahahha ok so next!
Saw Pei Shi at gong cha and got a picture with her ^u^ she's so pretty!!!!! and super cute :3 hehehehh

Ok next we went to beadstreet and the flea bazaar and i got a whole bunch of accessories :D
2 rings and a whole lot of arm swag <3
The best part is... they were all superrrr cheap :D

Okay another selca :D
After that... we realized there was no sky terrace flea that day which made us...sad :''''''( But we rushed over to bugis and met Jen there ^__^

 We walked around till our legs collapsed hahaha omo and the salesgirl at montifs remembers me :x she was like 'ehhhh wo ji de ni' i was like 'huh' she was like 'na tian ni he ni de peng you you lai guo ni na shi tou fa shi shi' uh... i think my pin yin is wrong :x

But its basically

Her: I remember you!
Me: Huh?
Her: That time you and your friend were here... you had wet hair right?

I was like yeah that was me hahahha then we like laughed and in my heart i was like 'oh no i was so unglam'

Bought a Pink Dress from there :)

After everything... we headed to subway for dinner ^__^

 Results of being lazy and trying to put on a necklace without un buckling it first.. hahahah do i look like some bohemian princess or do i look like a retard??? i think.... retard hahaha oh gosh and the 3rd picture is pretty ugly :x

 Oh and TA-DAH! Fanboard for myself!!! heheheh A pretty pretty birthday card /fangirl style/ made by sabrina :D
Bought this grey acid washed crop tee from lvl 2  ^^ Ripped Jeggings from lvl 1 :D

Cam whoring a lil :3
Heres the Pink Dress i got from montifs ^^ and a red bag i bought at the flea bazaar :)

Ok now... a combination of buys of the day ^__^

Red bag $14[Flea Bazaar] Pink Dress $10[Bugis lvl 1, Montifs]
Blue Ripped Jeggings $12.50[Bugis lvl 1] Grey acid washed Top $10 [Bugis lvl 2]

Arm candy <3

Necklaces, rings and a free pair of earrings <3

-Blue peace bracelet, Colorful Skulls bracelet, Green cross bracelet and the pink cross bracelet at $11.60
-Spikes Draw Strings bracelets were at 1 for $4 2 for $7 3 for $10
-Spike Necklace was $2.90
-Set of colorful beaded bracelets at $2.90
-Rings at 2 for $5
-Metallic Choker at $4.90
-Earrings FOC

Blue heels $10 [Bugis street lvl 3]

 Now... Get ready..... Get set....TAKE A PEEEKCHARE

Jen, Sabrina and I
 Me with my pink dress
 Jen Jen and Jen hahaha
#OOTD <3
Pinkeu Dresseu
 Ok last selca and................... THE END!!!! Going to sleep now ^__^ watching Ah boys to men tomorrow with Jen Rovson Crisann Raymond etc ^__^ can't wait!!!! QIU QIU!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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