Do add her on Facebook !!!

She's a real friendly girl :)
Known her for quite some time now as she had been one of my customers from my old blogshop and has followed me on my personal fb, twitter, new blogshop etc till now! :)

Recently she decided to reopen her blogshop again as she had some problems with her old supplier... So... she's back!!!!

She has
 La Riche Directions Hair Dye Preorder

 you can get rainbow hair like this if you get the dye ;)

Preorder Apparels at $18 

My favorite piece from her apparels preorder :) totally worth $18 as i've seen it selling on livejournals and other shops all at $20+!!!!

Accessories Preorder #1

 Pretty gold skull hair cuff!!!! available in her accessories preorder now!!! The waiting time is only 1 week or less for this preorder too!!! she collects stocks every week!!! order now :)

quote my blog link in your order to get $1 off any purchase :)

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