Writing a book and Felicia's birthday


I feel like writing a book.... Theres just so much happening and so much on my mind... i want to tweet or blog everything out but....i  can't.

So i think i want to just simply write a book :)

It'll take forever to write though... Theres so much for me to write about...

I remember a few weeks ago... last week of school... i wrote a 10 page rant about 1 person during like class movies etc.... so imagine writing about everything?

Ill be an anonymous person though :) i won't use any real names or what not... i won't reveal that the writer is me either... So this post is practically pointless but haha just wanted to post somewhere that im going to write a book :\ kbye now on to Felicia!!!!

Stayed up till like 4am to make a birthday card/fanboard for her ^__^

Totally recycled though :x the board was from an old fanboard >< i had no paint so the dino was painted on with nail polish :x i had no glue so the hearts forming her name was sticked on with base coat and the pocket was hemmed with GREEN(her fav color) staple bullets and was stuck on with base and sealed with top coat :x strap was the hem line cut out from a shirt :x

So this is what i did~

STEP 1: Punch out many many heart shapes [ I punched out 4 A4 papers worth of hearts ^u^ ]

STEP 2: Paint the Dino on 

STEP 3: Attach strap
STEP 4: Arrange heart shapes
STEP 6: Paste the hearts on
 STEP 7:Cut out leopard print pocket and hem it
STEP 8: Attach Pocket on

STEP 9: Paint Name and add details
STEP 10: Place remaining hearts into pocket and add loads of love hugs and kisses :)

You can call me cheapo... whatever! but its the thought that counts right? :)

another picture of us :)
Pabo was a happy girl that day :) Gave her a sheer green chiffon sleeveless collared dress, a green cross bracelet, a blue peace bracelet and a set of earrings as a birthday present :) You can call me cheapo again! Items have a large quantity though items are rather cheap but whatever its the thought that counts right? :)

So what if they didn't cost me much? i could've sold them at pretty high prices but i choose to give them to my friend because she means more to me than money :) YAY i make sense hahahah ok yeah but thats it for this post :) now buh-bye

Ends post with a selca <3

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