So recently i had yet another flea! this time with Kayleigh, Jen and Yongqi :) and Harry and Raymond came to join us ^__^ ahah so it was $35 for a stall and $70 for two :( but i managed to get it at $67!!! $3 off! ahahhahahahha

Ok so... at first the plan was to meet at 10am.... and only jen was on time! ahah so she came to scape first :) and kay carrot harry and ray were still at the mrt when i reached~ My dad fetched me right to the scape drop off/pick up point and i had like 1 rack 1 big bang and 2 luggages :x so i asked jen to help me and well JENISTHEBEST ahah she helped pull one of my luggages then she kicked her own luggage all the way to the lift! and when we reached the sky terrace and the door opened, she kicked her luggage out and right at the booth in front the lift was this girl and she was like O_O HAHHAHA

We reached at like 10 30am and we were the 2nd earliest people to set up! ahahahhahah #forever
We are super messy and we took up like damn a lot of space LOL we were like move this table further from us move this table further from us too haha and we're super noisy and crazy omg i think the whole flea knew us LOL

We earned a decent amount that sunday but well.... i didn't reach my target :( but oh well :\

But i also bought some stuff and im pretty happy :3

 Pretty carrot jen and kay <3
 me :3
 Harry and Raymond LOL
 Me again :3
$2 TOO :3
Both of these at $5 each! SIUGSUIGVSUIVDGIUSD although the soles at the bottom are coming off a lil :\ but hmph half my heels are like that u___u

Still can't believe the fedora hats were at $2 each!!! VSHDUISGISUOGSVD now i have 8 fedora hats :x ahah should've bought more though :( ahah i think ill sell away one of my leopard print hats for $12? :\ $10 earnings MUAHAHAHHAHAH but they're all so pretty :( idw sell :(

Ok so.... i would be lying if i said i didn't enjoy the day :x although we didn't earn THAT much but still... YOU CAN'T BUY HAPPINESS!!!!!! :D Crystal came to join us nearing the end of the flea as usual <3
then Winnie Jinghui Ali and Kechu came to find me in the afternoon too ^__^ and brought me chicken pao <3 then Geraldine and her cousin came too :) and so did Shuqi!!!!!! and i finally got to meet crissan! ahahh forever hearing about her from shuqi harry and raymond then i finally got to meet her :D

I would definitely say.... this was one of my most enjoyable fleas :')
The flea i earned the most.... yes i was happy i earned like $170? But i was like alone the whole day except for when Yuqi came down to support me~ STUPID JIAMAY WHO PANGSEHED ME! But this time though i didn't earn half as much, i actually really enjoyed myself which means more to me :')

Youth day holiday!!!!!!!!!!! Yay \m/
Met everyone again this time for arcade+table tennis :D
We were suppose to meet at 1 but well... we are us so we met at bout 1 45 :x Then we ate and talked till 2 45 when we went to the arcade :D AHAHAHHA SO FUN! and we spent like half an hour watching this girl play this kpop dancing game and omg like 1 game is $2.40 and she played like 30 times???? LITERALLY! i think she spent like $60 on that game? But ahah me and Kayleigh decided to try :x its like full body dancing and kayleigh was like after 10 seconds AAAAAAAH CANNOT *jumps out**pushes me in* I DIED AND WAS EMBARRASSED FOR LIFE U___U ahah ok jk but urgh FAIL FAIL FAIL LOLOL
But it was sort of fun :\

After that we attempted to play table tennis and lol we were like playing tabletennisbadmintonsquah AHAHHAHA and we were super noisy!!!! Then after an hour of that we just sat down on the court and talked about school... YES WE TALKED ABOUT SCHOOL! but like not about work about like teachers and incidents in school and all :) Then we were talking about bees and flies coming into our class and Jen was halfway telling us about how her whole class will break into havoc and tables and chairs will go everywhere when a bee decided to fly into the court! Kayleigh suddenly screamed! Then me carrot and jen screamed too and we ran around and out the court leaving harry and raymond to bring all our stuff out for us :x

After that we decided to go talk at the bbq pit instead and we talked for like 2 hours?!?!? POWER!!! and we skipped dinner :( But we laughed and laughed until we were full! LOL and when we decided to go home, as usual jen would go to the toilet and well... at the ladies toilet at my condo, one of the light bulbs got problem so it kept blinking :3 so jen was scared and carrot had to go to the toilet with her... Then me kay harry and ray made a plan :3 the moment they stepped into the toilet we ran over :3 and raymond started crushing a bottle so there was the sound and jen was like 'WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF' and both of them ran out screaming!!!!!!!!! AHAHHAHAHAH they ran like all the way to the pool and i laughed until i started to tear and i had to pee :'|

Guess what? Me jen harry and raymond met up again! AHAHHAHAHA Kayleigh and carrot fell sick that day so..... :'( sobs i hope my darlings gws <3 But haha we didn't know what to do and jen was like 'LETS STUDY' but we never do T_T we actually went to the library! but we ended up laughing and laughing and laughing and i did one question before we gave up and left to go eat :x

But haha next time we shall go to the national library :3 where you can even hear yourself breathing so it'll stop us from talking and laughing and maybe we really will study u__u omg imagine me sneezing at a totally quiet library..... O_O ill hide in a hole ahahhahaha

and i think this shirt is DAMN NICEEEEE UFIDGASIDGASDILUGD i should make it for kay on her bday :3

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