I hate the word 'casual' =~=


okay... to be honest... i think i am a 'casual'

But seriously.... the word 'casual' annoys the fuck out of me... I mean... what is a 'casual' like seriously....
The definition of 'casual' by fans is someone who stans many groups/someone who claims to like a group but barely know them/someone who goes to kpo at events for groups that aren't their 'main'/someone who is a late fan that never talked about the group before? / someone who lost interest in their 'main' for whatever reason and changed to like another group

Lol sounds so pathetic and retarded right? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY


Basically everyone are just fans? I mean like seriously do you think idols care about what other groups you like? If at a fan sign you go on stage and say 'I only stan you i don't stan any other groups' or 'i also like ______ _____ _______ _____ and _____ " do you think it'll matter much? in their eyes you're just a fangal or fanboy! Do you think they'll ask you 'do you only like me or do you like any other groups?' do you think they'll ever say anything like 'you have too many fandoms you aren't fit to be my fan cause you're a casual'

I mean seriously people are like 'why does ______ have so many casuals?' 'i wish all the casuals will die' 'stupid casual go back to your _____ luh don't come to my ____' okay like SERIOUSLY??? So what? Yes its damnnnnn annoying if like for me if a lot of people who barely know beast go and cock block me from seunggie but LOOK AT ZE:A!!!!!

ZE:A can't come to Singapore..... because... there aren't enough casuals T_T

Casuals support them/buy concert tickets/welcome them/ALLOW THEM TO COME

I mean seriously idols have comebacks to gain more fans.... So why are late fans casuals? don't say you never called a late fan a casual...

Would you prefer your idols to not even be able to come because organizers are afraid of losing money?
Would you want your idols to arrive in Singapore with only a few fans to welcome them? (ok obviously you do but think as a idol will you be happy? i have 20 fans welcoming me VS i have 200 fans welcoming me)
Would you want a concert of fucking 40 PEOPLE

But who are you to judge who is a casual and who is hardcore? Being twitter famous=hardcore fan who can label others as casuals? LOL NO RIGHT???? Why judge based on fandoms? In the first place WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE? Are you a fan who has only one fandom who you have supported from the start and never lost interest one bit and never goes for any other idol's events arrivals etc? 

Even if all the 'casuals' in the world die and you are the only fan left do you think your idol will be able to stay an idol? Do you think that'll make your idol want to marry you or whatever? =__= only in our dreams....

Like seriously now adays... i go 30% for idols 10% to be able to scream without getting stomped 60% for friends and for fun... So...

YES I AM A CASUAL u___u i go for events of groups who aren't my main IM A FUCKING CASUAL! so now tell me..... WHO ISN'T????? 8)

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