Sentosa Getaway ♡


So recently i went to sentosa with Shuqi Geraldine Lisha Harry Raymond and Kayleigh and Yongqi joined us halfway ^__^ Must enjoy all thats left of the holidays!!! hahaha and because i felt bad that i couldn't make it to fetch shuqi from the airport when she came back :( heh i had such an awesome day with my darlingzxs ♡

We were suppose to meet at 12 noon and the latest person would treat everyone to ice cream but sobs that trick ain't working anymore :( cause we all met at 1230? LOL and while on the way i texted lisha...

Me: wru? :)
Lisha: In your heart <3
Me: bitch you're in my asshole
Lisha: But Don't you love me? :(
Me: Yes thats why i keep you inside me u__u
Lisha: aww so cute xD im at outram park

LATE! haha
After that we went for lunch, talked, went to buy snacks etc and as we were lost looking for the boardwalk to sentosa, we got stuck at timezone~ AND HARRY TOOK OUT THIS WHOLE STACK OF CARDS THAT HAD MONEY IN THEM AND ME AND SHUQI WERE LIKE 'DDR!' *RUNS* haha thank you Harry ^__^

So we ended up taking the train to sentosa at like 2pm+? haha But still... there was enough time to have fun ^__^ We went straight to Siloso beach and we and geraldine rolled around in the sand and water and i tried to get everyone wet and sandy but sadly.... everyone was like 'LAI LE LAI LE' *runs* :( so not fun u__u But we took loads of picture ^__^


At Siloso Beach ^~^

My smexy girl  ♡ haha
 My cute fishy lLisha ♡
 Harry and Raymond!!!! ^__^
 and last but not least.... SHUQI AND ME ♡

 After that, the plan was to take the skyride and luge but lisha brought only $5 T_T and geraldine was afraid of heights :( and Kayleigh and carrot came to find us already so.... we went straight to astons \m/ Then as we were waiting for our food, AMANDABIEBERBLAST!!! haha Trust me, you DO NOT want to read tweets from her while waiting for food u__u She hates one direction but.... likes their member's member =__= dots dots dots dots dots dots haha but still.... ITS ASTONS! how can you ever not enjoy astons?

While walking there... here are more pictures ^__^ 
Shuqi Carrot and Me on the sentosa express haha
 Shuqi and Me ^__^
 Kayleigh Shuqi Me and Carrot! ♡
 Geraldine and Me ♡
 Me and Shuqi's DSLR :3
 and heres all me :x
 Me Lisha and Geraldine ♡♡♡

After dinner we went back to vivo and well... TIMEZONE AGAIN HAHAHHA i feel so bad for harry :( his cards from some lucky draw all went to us!!! omg but we sat the movie roller coaster moving machine thingy and omg so fun! fits 2 people but we keep on squeezing 3 \m/ haha and we kept screaming!!! LOL i remember when Kayleigh Lisha and Shuqi were taking it then me and carrot took a 2liedownonmovingmovierollercoasterchairs thingy then we could here them screaming and screaming our images are all ruined u__u HAHA But overall.... we had so much fun :') and we played some tap tap game with kara and my 'sister' GOO HARA LOLOL but it was fun so thats forgiven u__u


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