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Ok so what is there to say other then THE TRIP WAS AWESHUME! now put cha hands up and lets celebrate HAHHAHAH although at first i almost didn't get to go.... but... i still did :) So....

Day 1 25th May 2012

Seven a.m.waking up in the morning .... ITS FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY
ok so i woke up, packed my bag and rushed to the airport to meet YongQi JieQi and Yeeling :) Breakfast at KFC \m/ then after that we checked in and OMO OMO SO FUN :3 always watching idols go into the departure hall from outside but for once we're the ones going in \m/ Ok so after going onto the plane all of us went dead into sleep and i only woke up when the plane landed and i felt the touch down lol and wahaha we had arrived in KLAI 

Polaroid with _CARROTMIN <3 HEHEH

OK so although the air plane ticket was pretty pricey cause of last minute booking.... i got to see Block B Dal Shabet and wait for it.... U-KISS inside the arrival hall!!! So fuck the money cause it was worth it! 8)  it was pretty funny cause we were running around finding u-kiss's arrival gate and we ended up finding Block B and Dal Shabet on the way :3 But well... what can i say about u-kiss? it was so amazing being able to walk , take skytrain/aerotrain and even queue all the way to the chop chop passport place together with one of your main fandoms. The feeling is AMAZING ok although some unexpected things happened... overall i still really enjoyed myself and im super thankful that we actually got a chance like this~ I mean... how many people get a chance to have this? So what if you can pay to enter the hall? theres no guarantee you can see them but we actually got to :)
 After that, we cabbed back to our hotel and then rushed to putrajaya! But we were sort of lost trying to find the stage because THE FESTIVAL WAS HUGEEEEE something Singapore would probably never have :( u__u  But well.. Are we lucky or lucky? We found the stage a few minutes before the mc went up to start the concert!!! Well and from all the way at the back, slowly one step at a time we squeezed forward and ended up at like 2nd row in front of the extended stage! BAM IT WAS AWESOME They performed Man Man Hani Bingeul Bingeul Neverland Everyday DoraDora and 0330 Thats like 6 songs! But my dad is still the best though... Haha he carried my bag for me and somehow he still managed to find us in the mosh pit to tell us he was going to get a drink HAH potential fan ajusshi


Day 2 6th May 2012

Do wanna B? BLOCK B! We all overslept and missed the buffet breakfast but oh well at least KWC was super duper close to our hotel and we could just walked over \m/ heheh the place is huge and the moment we entered my wallet cried! The place is filled with shops and everything was super cheap it was like paradise :') We ate at Old Town and walked around for a while before going to see the stage AT LEVEL 15! how cool is that Singapore shopping centers barely even have 15 levels :( But well the stage was awesome and place was HUGE But there were already so many people and we were so far behind so we decided to find the loading bay or well... the place they would come out from their van and we failed T_T But it was quite funny cause we found the lift they were going to take and the guard was like "this lift is closed" we were like sad face "why?" then he told us "Korean artists are going to take it so we had to close it" HAHHAHAH first time a guard actually told us all we need to know u__U But well the security there is really damn daebak cause we didn't get to see them enter T_T wait and wait until yeeling and jieqi had to leave for putrajaya to queue for teen top :(

But well after that we just walked around and took random lifts and somehow we ended up backstage :3 then the guard chased us away :( and we ended up at the vip area FYGSGS then we like stayed there the whole time :') we didn't have the tag though so we just blocked ourselves and we didn't get caught :') Block B performed 4 songs if i remember correctly and well... im satisfied :) though zico wasn't there T_T

Heheheh Block B during the fansign :]

Day 3 4 5 6

carrot jieqi and yeeling left on 27th morning :( so it was off to KLAI again to send them off :) and well... After that all i did was shop and shop and shop and shop and eat and eat and eat and eat and well this is what i mean

new clothes accessories and mac make up <3
new shoes <3
krispy kreme should really have outlets in sg!!!

Secret Recipe <3 the cake there is like rm 7-10 if i rmb correctly AND THATS LIKE SGD 3-4 TDTDTDYDDDCDCDSDDS sg sells it at like SGD 5+? omg i sound so cheapo T_T AGAIN

Papa John \m/
Breakfast Buffet

 Drink which i still don't really know what it is... But well it looks so pretty so i guess its forgiven :3

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