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Ok so now i miss uss its crazy how we spend $35 a day stalking and thats just for van. Two days thats $70 already and theres still times when your van disappears and you're forced to take a cab so two days $90? thats enough to enter uss... Yet we've never once been there together before. Even just having fun at sentosa skyride and luge etc things we cant 'afford' Haha i remember last year march... Park Jungmin Period.... With JingYing Shipei and Sharlene if i remember correctly :x we were cabbing somewhere and we planned to go to sentosa. But we ended up stalking Jungmin and after that we never had the 'time' or 'money' to go.

I've been inside uss twice with family for a full day to play and all and i've been inside twice with my friends too? But just to stalk.... Gosh hopefully when it's nearer to Kayleigh's bday we can go tgt \m/ Jen YongQi and I~ HEY THATS EXACTLY 4 FOR A ROLLERCOASTER which i won't dare to take u__U Heh or maybe i will :3 But still.... Pictures and just the day together will be worth it im sure ^~^

Ok now so the last time i went to uss was.... last week of school! haha skipping school for uss (Y) I went with my aunt and sis and YEGFYUFIFGBFYUG new fav ride:TRANSFORMERS okokok ITS NOT JUST 4D itsitsits AMAZING 8) like you can srsly feel everything likelikelike a rollercoaster 8D just that you barely move :\ I LIKE 8D HEHEHHEHEHE and we took damnnnnn a lot of pictures \m/and with like all the characters at uss except for the Madagascar characters :c

Here is my sis and i :]
ducks (?) LOL

and im too lazy to upload the rest but basically it was a great day ^__^ it rained in the morning and at first we were like NOOOOOOOO then after we walked to sentosa cross the broadwalk OMO $1 ENTRY WAHAHHAHAH and the walk wasn't even that long! But well the rain had stopped by then  and the weather after that was HGDSHUGSDVUY perfection u_u  We took literally everything except the treasure hunt, which was just a car going around super slowly and the queue was super long, and the Jurassic park rapids thingy, cause we didn't want to queue and we didn't want to get wet! haha so yeah I ♡ USS

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