KARA & 4Minute soon ^~^



Okay so.... Kara... i went for kara... LOL /SLAPSSELF/

So first was their fansign at CAUSEWAY POINT! such a budget venue T_T but so near my school so yay \m/ so at first i just went for the sake of meeting kayjenrotharay for dinner and cause i wanted to see how hara looked like face to face :3 But i never expected to go on stage :x carrot suddenly just asked me to go with her and i was like OK haha but so ps sia the organizer bring us into the fan sign place through the back and then people everywhere dk where not happy keep looking looking =__=

Haha then when we about to go on stage my heart was like 'why doesn't 4minute have a fan sign?' then i was like PRAY PRAY PRAY MAYBE THEY WILL HAVE! ok so this was my fansign since kof U-KISSSSSSS T_T and that was like last last year :x so i went up and i just smiled and shake hand smile and shake hand HAHAHA

NICOLE JUNG IS SO PRETTY IUHSUIAGIUSGVASIOU AND GYURI IS SO CUTE UDAIVGADSIUGISDUOVGSDI and hara up close O_O her face really like a flawless sia but she's hara so... hmph u__u oh and i do NOT dislike hara because of junhara! theres just always been something about her which annoys me... like same with yuri and yoona :\ PRETTYYYYY but annoying in idk what way =__=

Ok so here i am here i am :3 with the signed poster \m/ which i didn't get to keep :( but the experience is enough for me :)

So the next day, was the concert and once again entrance for free haha THE THEATER IS DAMN NICE BUT SMALL :( LOLOL and when we were like standing outside the concert hall some nice uncle offered us 2 free tics but we were like 'we have pass' first time rejecting free tics LOL

The pass is so cute :3 LOLOL and the security's pass is like exactly the same! just that the top says security HAHAHAH first time wearing the real thing around my neck :3
 Then here is my number tag LOL im a good girl i surrendered my Polaroid u__u HAHA
 tada! the screen! LOL
 tada! its kara! haha their so far away T_T i blame my stupid bb which can barely even zoom T_T

 and the perfume :3 our free gift from kara LOL at first we weren't able to get it cause.... guest don't have T_T LIKE WHAT?! WHY GUEST NO HAVE D: But in the end there were like many left so the organizer gave it to us 'guests' HAHA like a cute only sia this perfume :3

So i changed the van to monday and tuesday cause well... we need to queue so sunday is crossed out and i really don't want to stalk after concert T_T THATS SO STUPID! the girls will be tired and it'll be dark so... YOU WON'T SEE SHIT!

Van is almost full now :'-) ok not exactly T_T still short of 3 on monday and short of 5 on tuesday But im still waiting for andrew and haray's friend to confirm so hopefully only short of 2 on monday and maybe 3 on tuesday??? PRAY AND WISH

OMG and and and fansign.... the moment i ended school i checked my phone and i saw 6 new messages... 'ANDREA!!!!!' 'ANDREA!' 'CALL ME!' 'OMG ANDREA!!!!' and stuff like that at the top and first thing that came to my mind was WHAT HAPPENED VUIDSVGUIASG so i called sabrina she was like '4MINUTE HAVING FANSIGN' i like screamed and shouted and jumped around and whacked whoever was around me HAHAHAH then i reached the bus stop and i just continued spazzing and tearing :x then the bus came and i called kayleigh and well... i started crying on the bus T_T in front of all my schoolmates SHIT! HAHA but its 4minute 4MINUTE HYUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Then i thought of the previous day (kara fansign) just before going on stage i prayed for 4minute to have a fansign in singapore soon... But i never expected this T_T GOD IS GOOD! now im just praying for the tickets :(

contest... what contest is like this? email them and hope to win? 2 tickets to giveaway... i have no such luck... at least if it were some contest like get the most likes for your comment or some dance or whatever contest i would just go all out but like this i can't even do anything T_T they say no multiple entries and im like wtf :'-(

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