HAHAHAHAH guess what? CF is the awesomest cca ever ok? u__u who plays blow wind blow and makes puzzles and watches videos of ourselves slacking during cca? US!!!!! x3 so today we played blow wind blow and it was actually funner than i expected ^~^ MY FIRST SUCCESS AT PLAYING MY PART FOR GAMES COMMITTEE HAHAHHAH omg and break=slack in the AIR CON chapel+cam whore :3 FUN OR NOT? WISH YOU WERE IN CF ANOT? :P

 annyeong :3
 LOLOL daniel and yiching hahahahha
 Selca with wei lin <3
I really love this girl :) from netball to cf together all the way~ She's really a super nice and super sweet girl and not forgetting SUPER SMART TOO!!! I love her <3 who helps you take your stuff out of your locker everyday and helps you put stuff into your locker when you're rushing off? who always clears the locker and files for you? and do you know anyone who barely ever gets angry? people back stab her two face her but she's still so nice i mean... i would just shout in that bitches face and go like /rant posted at the bottom of this post/ but wei lin just chooses to ignore and still treats her so nice though she constantly kept putting her down going 'no you must do it this way' 'don't do that' 'its like this' and blahblahblah so this girl here is really one in a million :) my precious bay wei than you for being such a good friend and for always being there for me <3 saranghae :-*

selca with yiching <3
I love this mrs KAvjumba! heheheh this girl here is dear mrs jumba <3 crazy adorable cheerful yiching ^__^ one of the two rafflesians in the sec 2 level :) heheh met her on the very first day in chr and surprisingly we managed to talk :3 didn't really know of her existence in raffles but heheheh hi YICHINGCHANJUMBA NOW xD you'll never find another awesome person like her anywhere else ;) #teamnothappywiththatbiasedmsyushiella teachers hate us both but heh u__u we aren't pathetic enough to start bootlicking all the teachers to get favor WE SHALL STAY STRONG AND FIGHT ALL THE TEACHERS TOGETHER xD #TEAMJANGJUMBA  SARANGHAE <3
Po Hann LOL
This stupid boy~ although we aren't that close as we were before i still do treasure the past times we had with each other last year HAHHAHA like the random times eating kfc at random places like outside a tuition center? or outside a toilet? HAHA and i remember once we were trying to do splits LOL and once we were just walking and talking and he accidentally followed us into the girl's toilet HAHAHHAHA and all the neoprints we always took together ill never forget any of those times and LOL I STILL HAVE SOME OF THE NEOPRINTS!!! tbh im actually really happy that he joined CF :) never expected it actually but im really happy that it happened ^__^
once again... never expected him to join CF but glad that he did :) YAY SEC 2S FROM 3 BECAME 5 BECAME 8 ^~^ This boy here is... lets see :\ ANNOYING! but in a good way (?) haha and he is too rich T_T he randomly treated me chervon and chloe to pastamania just because he had $50 that day and he was like 'lets go eat' then me and chervon were like 'NO MONEY' then he was like 'i have' then ta-dah pastamania! LOL why is he so nice? hmm or maybe it was just because he wanted to eat with chervon? *winkeu* ;] DANVORN FOREVER! HAHAHHA But im still really happy that im spending all my fridays with this annoying ass LOL and i think i know why he is so annoying sometimes u__u because he has to spend 10 years with the most annoying girl in singapore LOL 2 years and im dying of her pathetic face/'smile'/laugh/voice EVERYTHING and he has already tolerated it for 8 years O_O and 2 more to come... POWER HAHAHHAH

photo bombed by yiching LOL

OK so during form teacher contact time believe it or not I CLIPPED UP MY FRINGE RETIED MY HAIR AND I BECAME BALD LOLOL LOOK!
 this is how i would look like if i had cancer HAHAH
 OK so we ended at 12 45 today LATE then i went for committee meeting and wei lin lareina and chu wen had to wait for me till like 1 15 :x But after that we walked chu wen halfway home before heading to pastamania AGAIN YES PASTAMANIA AGAIN :3 Its became a routine to eat pastamania on fridays x)
Once again.... MY HAIR NEAT ANOT? LOLOLOL except for that 'filler' i pulled down u__u

 After clipping up my fringe it became weird T_T but hehe that didn't stop me from taking act cute selcas :3

AND HERE IS WHAT I WOULD SAY TO THAT GIRL IF I WAS IN WEI LIN'S SHOES 'knn whats your problem sia you where not happy come and say to my face luh nb you think you can say shit behind my back and come and hug hug smile smile and act innocent in front of me? that's a fucking insult luh cb you think im that stupid that you can fool me like that? you think you very great very big uh reality check lah sis go fuck your self and wake up ok? don't need one moment so happy one moment kpkb luh horh GROW UP' yep thats what i would've said :) and seriously who does she think she is? who are you to hate me? LOL you think i care if you hate me? its I HATE YOU not the other way around so don't come telling me you don't hate me cause you think i care? LOL why don't you just tell me to smell your hair too? HAHA i must remember each time i change shampoo i shall tell kayjenrot to smell my hair u__u LOL LAME BITCH LAME  ok im done :)

another act cute picture of me :3 hahahahha ok now bye <3

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