CF 13/7


 So..... im happy today :D and i want to make a gif just like this!!!! ahahahha ok so today there was CF... ROCKITLIKECHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP have you ever heard of such a cca? u__u BET YOU DIDN'T well too bad for you :P haha i really love my new cca and i never once regretted quitting netball... LOL you can call me a quitter if you wish but i not happy ill just leave i don't see why i should i waste my time u__u

Ok so today we like had this haunted house in the chapel BOO! its not as pathetic as you think ok??? it was really damn cool 8) total darkness creepy music creepy voice and sounds and screams really haunted house ok??? AHAHAH and next week its time for me, perry and hai quan to plan the games so.... hopefully it'll be just as successful as this week's :)

Oh and after school today i went to take bus with Chloe Chervon and Daniel and actually my plan was to just follow them take bus then take mrt go straight home but i ended up joining them for lunch at pastamania DANIEL'S TREAT! rich boy u__u he was like 'i have $50 today ok can but total must be within $50 if not im not paying' BUT GUESS WHAT? our total was $25+ only CHEAP OR CHEAP? ty 30% discount for students :3
 Chloe's dory baked rice <3 SUPERRRRR NICE!!!! like super creamy and cheesy omg heaven 8)

My chicken ham and sausage baked rice :3 eww i think it looks damn gross in picture T_T

Chervon's 7 inch Hawaiian pizza

Daniel's cabosomethinglikethat pasta


HEHEHEHEHEH ty rich boy daniel for the treat :-') Omg and he damn poor thing sia he has to tolerate that sluttyactcute bitch for 10 years LOL 10 YEARS! but he said he's already used to it o__o used to that fake face that fake HERHERHERHER laughter that slutty look she gives every random person and her act cute actions T_T But really.... bootlicking every teacher and she's damn two faced i swear you got a problem with a teacher you still bootlick then bitch behind their backs LOL? i not happy i just show i not happy luh not as pathetic as you =__=

But i learnt is bootlicking teachers= short skirt allowed (like shorter than my skirt length when i leave school! LOL im weird ok in school i keep my skirt touching the top of my knee and when i walk out of the gate, FOLDFOLDFOLD HAHA) coloured contacts allowed (tsk kanasai sia you're lenses are more obvious than mine? and you don't even need them =__=) AIYA EVERYTHING ALLOWED LUH

But what i don't understand is... when i was in netball someone was DYING to join netball when her cca closed no? LOL now i change to cf then you come to cf for? why never go netball? LOL mina dn her friend quit i quit wei lin quit karine quit netball confirm short of seniors why you don't want join? NOT LIKE YOU HAVE ANY FRIENDS IN CF? so why? tell me why? LOL who was the bitch who had a problem with anyone who did/bought anything the same as her? LOL i remember you once told us you had a friend who always bought the same things as you whenever you all go shopping so one day you purposely bought a $400 bag just so she couldn't buy it too? LOL you so rich siol $400 for a bag sia you think you who sia

I mean like please luh so immature can? what copy what copy how old still want complain about people 'copying' you? haha so if i wear bra before you you cannot wear luh if not you'll be 'copying' me =__=

Like please?! i've been through people peeing when i pee people bathing when i bathe people sleeping when i sleep even to the extreme of liking the same guy as me spazzing the same way as me and more? Hahah so you think people 'copy' you then i what? people clone me luh haha


Guess what? Now the van is FULL on monday xD and only short of 2 for tuesday!!! i'm really so happy :) from $60 each to $20 each sobs i love everyone who helped me find people :-') Go search 'stalk 4minute' or '4minute van' or something you confirm see one of our many many ads haha i love everyone so much <3

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