Asymmetrical and Maxi Dresses & Skirts


So since the flea where i wore my leopard print asymmetrical  skirt and geraldine's school concert day where i wore my midi dress I've fallen in love with asymmetrical and maxi dresses & skirts <3

I just find it fun to have a super long skirt :3 haha im so weird i kept flinging the back of my leopard print skirt at people that time at the flea :3 and i could dance alone along when geraldine cherin and megan started dancing cause the dress covered my legs so you can't see that i looked a duck trying to dance! LOLOL if not i would've been awkwardly standing at a side like a statue holding my phone :x

But.... i only have one maxi dress one asymmetrical skirt and one midi dress so.... IM GONNA NEED MONEY TO BUY MORE :( But i now have a wishlist to work for

 Tribal maxi!!!!!!!!! its so pretty so pretty so pretty so pretty so pretty I WANT IT and it's like only $15! i can afford :3 yay yay yay happy me but.... because of 4minute i have no money now T_T *cries*
But  just look at this dress :-') if the top wasn't a tube i would just fuck the van and buy it now LOL

 GALAXY MAXI SKIRT OMO OMO OMO GORGEOUS GORGEOUS DIE WALLET DIE BANG I JUST SHOT MY WALLET money T_T i saw a reseller selling it at $25 and im like D: may money rain down from heaven into my wallet so i can buy this :(

Remind you of 4minute? :3 I SHOULD ORDER THIS TO WEAR FOR 4MINUTE! but me running in heels and a maxi dress.... uh... HAHA and its a preorder at $15 so it won't arrive in time either :( CRY CRYCAN'TYOUSEETHEMUSIC but at least now i won't be in heels and a maxi running around LOL
LELELELEOPARD PRINTTTTTT ASYMMETRICAL DRESS i want this so bad T_T but once again WHY MUST THE TOP BE A TUBE :( im so rough later i anyhow pull then it come down how >.< sobs and this is $15 too! OMG IM GONNA OPEN A PO FOR THIS SO I CAN GET IT AT SUPPLR RATES :3 kekeke so.... here is my new wishlist along with a new studded clutch the lace heels and new jeggings :x OMG MONEY WHY YOU DON'T WANT COME TO ME

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