I haven't blogged in like the longest time cause well.... i don't know. But i realized i actually really like blogging because well... i don't like facebook and i don't want to write all this in 74238524656712 max 140 letters tweets and i don't really use tumblr much so.... whats the next best thing? blog! and i guess... its like an online diary/a friend to me? :\ since well... last time was like... calling a friend and we'll talk about our day and everything but..... heh this is my new bff aside from my pa which i only let kayjenrot and sabrina follow :)

ok at first on my first pa which only had 1 follower (kay) i let too many people follow and i like... didn't feel comfortable tweeting there anymore so hi new pa with 4 followers :) heheh so.... i haven't blogged in so long because.... i've been busy? :\ and because of COMMON TEST PERIOD

I actually studied this time so,,, *crossed fingers* :) i got 39/50 for one part of english and i guess thats good? :\ but at the same time bad cause my targets for that paper was higher T_T but theres still SA2 :) i shall aim for 42/50 minimum :3 i also think for this time round i did well for math and science :) not like fullmarks well but like for math... i actually knew how to do the questions which is... quite amazing to me considering SA1 i guessed half the paper :x and for science.... ill just say just my luck the parts i studied for came out :3 YES I ACTUALLY STUDIED SCIENCE OMG AMAZING

pre-study picture HAHHAHA ok so  studied with dolphine(who came then left before the studying even started lol) keven(keven) and kain(keven's friend) on thursday :3 ok so met dolphine first and we went 'shopping' for a while while waiting for keven :x then after that we just went to the macs at balestier when kain came then dolphine left then we went to study ok fine the studying lasted for only a while but...DURING THAT A WHILE I READ THROUGH ALL MY NOTES OMG AMAZING HAHAHAH with kayjenrotharay i like write 10 words in 1 hour LOL 

hi :3

Ok so study talk study talk then keven went for tuition at bout 7 30 leaving me with kain :\ ok i think you'll laugh at how awkward we were hahahahhahahhahahhah see? im laughing at myself u__u LOL 
so it was the first time we met so obviously... stare... look down....touch phone....look down... LMAO we were laughing cause we didn't know what to say to each other hahahah so we started talking.... about... his ex :3 HAHAHAHHAHA and then somehow we managed to last till 9 30 which was like when keven ended tuition \m/ but my dad came to fetch me at 9 30 so.... :x

But i don't think i did well for geog :\ i really don't think i did well for geog T_T and for lit.... HAHAHHAHA ILL NEVER KNOW i can score well for reading a poem totally wrongly so.... i shouldn't worry too much right? :3 HAHHAHA ok so thats all i have to say about common tests.....

ok now...... I LOVE MY DEAR YE SHUQI
i invited her to sentosa last last sunday for running man and well.... she enjoyed herself! <3
So she came joined me again last friday and saturday and well...  this friday and saturday too ^__^ how do i express how happy i am? i think we like sort of drifted for a while before but i feel close to her again now <3 ohohoh and i love sabrina too <3 earcuffs earcuffs earcuffs yay we're like meeting every saturday to go for fleas before service sobs i love these 2 pabos <3 <3 <3
 OMG AND I WORE GLASSES TODAY(saturday :\ so... yesterday? haha)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
because of contact lens infection T_T RED EYES ARE SCARY RED EYES ARE REALLY SCARY ok just looking at our pictures i think of how crazy we were hahahha CRAZY BUT AWESOME OK? XD

ohohoh and me and shuqi got to take free polaroids :D yay yay yay \m/ pabo sabrina was late ;__; if not she would've taken too T_T heh hopefully the polaroid people are there again next week :3 heheheh greedy me

 oh hi :3 am i cute? HAHAH taken last friday :3 i wore jeans OoO I WORE JEANS BABY for the first time in 5 years when im not sick? HAHAHHAHA 
 Shuqi and me :3 pabo dress until so formal while i wore shirt jeans and canvas shoes :x hahahha ok i think jeans make my legs look fat :\ idk in what way and why i even think this way though :\ But heh no jeans too skinny with jeans too fat who knows what i want lol hahah and i always tell people not to care if they look fat so.... I DON'T CARE EH EH EH EH EH :3
and not just ordinary cupcakes...

reminds me of b2utiful show only T_T 
heh i remember.... i was like boiling water to steal clifford's cup noddles when he went don't know where then suddenly i fell asleep :x omg ahha and when i woke up jing ying was on my legs hahah then clifford was like 'its 9am' and he ate his cup noddles so....I WAS HUNGRY and amanda gave me a rainbow cupcake :3 hehheheh rainbow cupcake for breakfast i enjoy life sia 8)

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