A flea like non other


Had a flea again yesterday :) originally the plan was to book 4 booths me kayjenrot shuqi crissan geraldine and shermin but..... in the end only kayjenrot + me and shuqi lol but its ok BECAUSE ITS STILL A FLEA xD didn't earn much..... cause i spent a lot? :\ heh idk i go to sell or buy lorh HAHAHHAHAHA

Hmm... this picture :\ PrettyCarrot CoolKayleigh CuteJen and me. 
Ok so one thing i realized..... from 4-6pm..... thats the period where we all go crazy HAHAHHAHA

 cra cra crazy clapclapclapclapclapclap madJANGRAEMON
me and raymond LOL HAHHAHAHA
 CARROT AND KAYLEEEEE so pretty let me cry ;__;
 Jen half of harry and me :D
 kay is so cool cool cool
 no caption lol
kayrot kayrot pretty kayrot sduidsgauguisa

All our stuff ^___^ heheheh happy luggage family <3 ok so now we like every month have flea hahahhaha MONTHLY FLEA \M/ omg and i may be going to malaysia again next wed-sat to....PLAY /crossed fringers/ gonna buy like 5-10 of the RM10 wolf shirt and sell it all at SGD10-15 :3 then flea again yay\m/

and im thinking..... maybe i will book a stall at the bottom of cine soon :\ basically its just higher rental and no pre <3 s allowed. but also....MORE CROWD AND NO BARGAINERS fgvsfugyusg and so many shops selling maxis at $28? i sell at $18 confirm win right? HAHHAHAH ok shall order like a whole bunch of items from my bs supplier soon ^__^

OHOHOHOH and not forgetting.... what i bought this time :3

 Ok the picture is so sucky T_T this is actually shuqi's dress though hahhahah can't remember how much i paid :\ i only remember i paid roughly $10 for it :\ Because well.... shuqi barely earned anything T_T so i felt bad and decided ok i shall buy something from her to help her to at least cover rent~ but heh it is nice no? :) a black off shoulder dress :) and the sleeve ain't any ordinary sleeve! its like sheer and fluffy? ok not fluffy :\ i don't know what word to use >_< IT CAN FLY :D lol what hahahah ok basically... ITS CHIO! :3
 i got this at only $4 UNBELIEVABLE??? its a leopard print romper with like a super chio and sexy back :3

These 2 were from fashion hooks at cine :x not the flea >< but THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS OoO
and at  1 for $20 3 for $50 only!!!!!!!!!! actually i wanted this jack union pocket guy's shirt but..... it was there on saturday and gone on sunday LET ME CRY T_T but heh these are pretty too right???? :D

 The long sleeved purple shirt i found in my luggage and was thinking if i should donate to salvation army or keep and i decided..... i can wear it! actually its a kid's top but.... heh :3

the blue spiral beads tank is too pretty for me to let go so i decided... i shall wear it u__u

the white spag i bought at 3 for $2 a looong time ago but never wore but now.... i think i can :) i think ill just pair it with jeans/hws? :\ tbh i really don't know but i just like the material its so soft so.... ILL WEAR IT ^^

The red thing in the center is actually stockings :\ bought with an old friend at 2 for $10 a loooong time ago but never got to wear and till now im still like :\ shall find a chance to wear hahah

The grey top at the back was kayleigh's and i bought it from her for 50 cents HAHHAHAH its actually like a grey crop tee with a pocket but with sheer black fabric at the sides which makes it cute? lol idk i just like it :3
i bought another eye liner LOL but you can't blame me!!!!!!!! its MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC hahahha ok actually i bought it just so that shuqi's eye primer would be $15 instead or $19 i mean like $4 diff eh!!!! i paid $13 for this and its like AUTHENTIC MAC so im happy ^___^ but sad.... cause i have wayyy too many eye liners T_T elf nyx mac korean brand japan brand rhomlon unknown brand i everything also have luh HAHHAHAH ALL BUT BOBBI BROWN T__T

omg and i like can't find my bobbi brown foundation so..... ITS FUCKING SAD I WANT TO PUNCH SOMEONE PLS T___T hahah i think shuqi must be damn sad also cause she can't kope my powder anymore hahahha but yeah thats all i have to say :\

I got an A for math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 27/32!!!!!!!! thats an A thats an A im so happy ^___^

happy me \m/

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