School. Friends. Tears. Joy.


Ok so i hate school.... A LOT because well firstly... waking up so early in the morning already makes me moody.... and since my coloured contacts kept getting caught, I'm left with no choice but to wear glasses or clear contacts... which makes me feel ugly and thus, making me feel very insecure with 0 confidence and thus, making me paranoid, easily agitated and well... even moodier.

Plus adding on to all that... no fringe no fillers no anything to hide behind because every teacher is out to get me like seriously... so many people with messy hair with mini mini mini skirts with no socks with coloured contacts with dyed hair with thick make up but NO im the only target... You wouldn't believe how much shit i got the moment my grades dropped.... i really just.... hate school....

Not to mention people too.... Like i said my judgement is so fucking poor i seriously have a problem with choosing friends lol maybe its just because i've always been left out half the time/all the time.... always been left behind... everywhere i go it happens... maybe i was used to it for a while... because of kpop events. I got used to friends coming and easily leaving for one reason or another. But i just can't stand it anymore..

 It just happened so many times, i don't even cry anymore. Sometimes i just see it before it even happens because well... you can't name me a situation i haven't went through...

Right now.... school is just.... a place for study and study alone so how do i express how much i hate the fact that i can't spend recess in class T_T i hate having to be forced to the canteen and have to find someone to cling to or ill be alone... School=7-9 hours of learning LOL

Ok so.... i used to USED TO be close to the girls and like heck care the boys in my class but.... recently i've come to realize.... the guys are actually so much more bonded close and fun to be with compared to the girls... Not to mention, they always die die also will keep to their word! 

Like once during Literature remedial.... a few of the guys were skipping so i was like omg me too T_T remedial on monday? EFFNO so i left with them and there are these 2 good friends, Gabriel and Syafiq and Syqfiq had to stay back for a while to talk to our co-form teacher over behavior but well... 
Gabriel is such an ass but i was actually shocked because though it was like damn risky, he didn't let us leave school until syqfiq could 'escape' hahahah he even went back up to class to check on syqfiq and he like almost got caught by our lit cher

 Jaz and me ^__^
ok and now.... you can call me weird call me a flirt call me a slut or whatever honestly i don't give a fuck anymore.... But now i always like literally always leave school with my class guys :x I mean... sometimes i feel damn awkward cause im like 1 girl with 10 guys or even more? :\ but whatever leaving with the guys=no time wasted=walking at a normal speed=when they know im in a rush... WE REALLY RUSH=happy me :3 

Jaz Elijah and me ^__^

Heheheh how happy am I? im really superrrr happy cause i can actually talk to the guys easily now and well elijah joe dominic all live at yishun so.... I CAN TAKE THE MRT WITH THEM! DOUBLE BONUS <3 Not to mention eating with them is so much more fun too! Like although sometimes they talk about some computer games and im just like .___. But other times im actually laughing ^__^

Hopefully.... next year... the class i go to.... i'll have some of them with me or at least just some people i can chiong for the bus with lol hahahahah fingers crossed <3

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