My earring went into my ear lobe :O But now im safe \m/


Ok so a few days ago was a typical sunday... Woke up at 4pm and went online... ordinary sunday till i looked into the mirror and saw my ear... It was swollen like HELL and my earring disappeared :O At first i was like YAY \M/ Maybe it swell and swell and pushed the earring off~ I mean... its so tight and i just couldn't get it off when i tried changing earrings T~T Then when i went to bathe and was washing my hair.... the horror began. I realized that the backing was still behind my swollen ear and well...I PANICKED

I just washed all the soup off my hair and body as fast as i could and ran out to see whats with my ear. My mum thought that the stud had just broke off and she told me to just try to remove the needle and backing by pulling them out from the back. i tried and that was a BIG MISTAKE ok so i pulled and needle and backing... and it slid out till the tip got stuck and i was like 'WHAT WHY OMG WHATS IN MY EAR' i tried pulling a little harder and ended up screaming... Trust me, it hurt like a bitch! Then suddenly a lot of pas surfaced on the front of my ear lobe so i had no choice but to touch my ear to clean the pas away >_< Which brought even more horror cause when i was rubbing the pas away i could feel the ball inside my lobe... YES INSIDE THE LOBE!!! Its was scary i was so afraid i cried T~T I really didn't know what to do or what i could do all i could do was cry wait pray and hope~ i felt so vulnerable and super scared....

About an hour after discovering this dilemma i went with my family back to the shop where i got my ears pierced.... at pasir ris mrt and just my luck baby the auntie who pierced my ears wasn't there and instead there was the uncle who didn't even seem to know what he was doing _|_ he just tried to pull the whole stud out n i was like 'PAAAAAAAAAAAIN *SMACKS*' Then he told us to go to ANY CLINIC and that any clinic would have all the equipment etc etc. bullshit sia he doesn't even know what he's saying =__= After that we then went to eat dinner with me dying and only after dinner then we went to a clinic after that and the doctor said we had  to go to the A&E department of a hospital cause they don't have the equipment in clinics... So yeah by then it was like almost 10pm already... SO MUCH WASTED TIME T~~~T After the clinic we went to ntuc... hahas and then home to change/charge phone/prepare myself before going to the hospital...

By then i had seen all my mentions and texts from everyone and i was much less afraid than before already ^__^ Its a wonder how words can make such a big impact~ I love you all ♡♡♡ Ok so at the hospital it was pretty much just waiting and waiting for consultation after consultation~ it was like... see this doctor and then 'Please wait outside for another doctor to call your name' ok *name gets called* 'Please wait outside for the specialist to take a look' ok! but each time my name was called i always just started shivering... Like it was so scary, the whole experience... But well when i was finally brought into the room for the operation... i was shaking like mad and thank god for the nice nurse and doctor :] they changed the injection needles to smaller ones so it wouldn't hurt as much ^__^ But the moment i saw the needle i just immediately closed my eyes tight and covered them with my hand... all i remember after that was that she kept asking me 'does it still hurt?' then i was like 'yep' then she was like 'is the pain sharp?' i was like 'yep' then she asked at where and she injected again and again~ I don't even know at which part of the process was the stud removed though... all i remember was i kept screaming 'OUCH' 'PAIN' 'OMG' 'IS IT OVER?' paiseh much T~T

But soon it was all over ^__^ but i opened my eyes to see like A LOT of blood and i was like SHITTTTTT OMG AAAAAAAAAAH but i got over it :] Now my ear is just swollen~ But the bleeding has stopped though ^_^ and it doesn't hurt as much anymore :] H A P P Y though i still look like dumbo :x

OHOH AND I ALSO SAW RACHEL AT AMK!!!!!! yes rachel! the blogger :] hehe she's so pretty! and her hair is GORGEOUS omg i wanted to take a picture with her >__< But i looked like shit at that time T~T Ahah hopefully i see her again soon ^___^

Now... i just feel so saved~ so happy~ so alive~ so safe~ im just glad that everything went well ^__^

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