Its called B O R E D O M


I don't even understand why i am bored.... its exam period and im here going 'im bored' and finding shit to do online u__u what even.... LOL k so i went to read my old blog and im like.. AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA wtf was with me n anime?! Everyone in my clique used to call each other by anime characters? haha i still love shiki <3 AND RIMA! meet my japanese boyfriend and girlfriend

 omg what am i doing? i really am bored T~T 
Even throughout lit exam today~ Hehs A1 COME TO ME BABY tomorrow is geography :\ ILL FREAKING ACE THAT PAPER!!!! i hate ms yushiella.... i mean... wtf do you want me to do?! i wear contacts u make noise i wear glasses you also want make noise so what do you want me to do? Priscilla's contacts are like.... n she doesn't even need contacts =__= but cause she's a god damn teacher's pet no one says anything.. KCAN SORRY I DUN SUCK UP TO TEACHERS LIKE HER! For god's sake i wore these glasses as a councilor.... to like meetings speech day and everything... even the mrs jacob didn't say anything so why must you??? _|_


Keep making us write reflections kcan i can't even write what i really think right? cause you'll probably twist my words and say shit to other teachers or whatever...  If i actually like the teacher ill actually study you know? or if i really hate the teacher u__u like to ms chai im like eff it lets see my lit exam grade then you talk bah! Which subjects did i really i mean REALLY study for? S C I E N C E! why? cause mr eugene is an awesome teacher \m/ and math cause i know im capable of an A1 u__u 

I . W A N T . T I ME . T O . F L Y . N O W

so i can get out of this class! AND MALAYSIA TRIP WOULD COME FASTER <3

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