Just another awesome saturday :]


Met Kayleigh Jen and Bunny today~ Apparently i've been meeting these girls almost everyday now~ But hehe i enjoy it ^~^ i also realized i've been saying hehe a lot recently O_O hehe :3 hehe :] hehe \m/ hehe ^~^ hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe

We went to city link first, then suntec, plaza sing and somerset. We got so many random shit! But bunny didn't get the shirt she wanted :( hehe but nvm theres always a next time since cotton on is EVERYWHERE \m/ I just love these girls so much~ With them im always smiling :3 hehe :3 lalala :D haha

OMG BUT WHEN I WAS ON THE WAY TO MEET THEM..... THERE WAS THIS BLOODY ANNOYING FUCKER ON THE MRT!!!! Like wtf ok first he just stood beside me n i was 'okay.... maybe he just wants to lean against the board thingy too' then he kept coming closer =__= and his leg kept rubbing against mine n my mind was like 'WTF U WANT LUH' Then more people got off the train and im like 'so much space STAND SO CLOSE TO ME FOR WHATTTTTTTT' Like as though he my friend like that _|_ fucker! then he kept touching my leg so i stepped on his feet n he fucked off for a while then came back again... my mind at that moment 'WHY THE EFF DID YOU COME BACK Dx' Then he kept leaning towards me n bending to see my phone FOR WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON! I want watch kaotsun's covers in peace also cannot want watch mvs also cannot want watch fancams also cannot want to text also cannot CAUSE OF THAT FUCKER! Like really SO UGLY SOMEMORE! If i ever see him again..... i'll glare..... glare.... glare... THEN ATTACKKKKK! i want to break his leg~ wan rub some more? i rub for him until break bah hehe :] break liao ill continue glaring u__u

Hehe but after meeting the girls my mood changed instantly and i was happy again :3 See the magic???? hehe ^~^ We walked and walked and ran here and there and bunny was playing with some scooter thingy at carefour HAHAHHAHA i think we're crazy~ But who cares :3

After going to somerset we immediately went to scape \m/ F L E A B A B Y F L E A  
Saw Cal while walking to the sky terrace and LOL that pabo! before that she called me and was like 'I THINK I SAW ________' and i was on the train and i don't know why but i heard 'I THINK I SEE A GUN' HAHHAHA But thank god we saw no gay there today u__u or my mood would've been ruined D: Bought so many awesome shit at the flea for superrr cheap :] AND SOMEONE WHO WAS PROBABLY LAZY TO TAKE STUFF HOME LEFT A PAIR OF WEDGES THERE!!!! JUST MY SIZE! UIDSGSDIGSD AND SUPER COMFY AND GORGEOUS OMGOMG  HAPPYGIRL98 

 hehe :3 

This shorts were $1.20!!!!!!!! unbelievable? BELIEVE IT! It was supposed to be $2 u__u but i bargained it down to $1.20 cause i had no money AND IM CHEAPO! HAHAH then i self studded it and TADAH 8D 
I know you likeitlikeitlikeit :]

These 2 
$1 for both :3 
But they're super nice right? \m/ admit it! you're jelly :P hahas
THESE 3 FOR $2!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHA omg im so cheapo~ LOL but its like the white tank is zara so the material is like SYUGASYUADS the brown blouse's material is like super thin! I LIKE \M/ Hehe and the black shirt just looked nice :\ LOL then when i tried on the black shirt Jen was like 'OMG You look like a business woman! don't ever wear that!' then at other times they always say 'You very ahlian leh' sobs next time ill leave home naked u___u hehe :3

After being satisfied with all we have.... we decided to walk around cine for like an hour before heading home :3 Hehe and while walking to the mrt/to find something to drink, h&m was playing their porn like advertisement LOL and we ended up talking about the pollution of our timeline and how some people probably watch porn and masturbate u__u ADMIT IT NOW IF YOU'RE ONE OF THEM! HAHAHAH 

Postable Chargeable Doraemon Elastic HEHEHEHEH BOO BOO *THUMBS UP*

do you understand our alien language? :3 OBV NO U__U cause you aren't an alien like us :3 HEHE 

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