Feelings aren't just emotional crap


Went to Ikea with Jen & Kayleigh today :) we were supposed to STUDY! but we ended talking eating and drawing then there was no more time to study cause Jen had to meet Nicole for the sungha polaroid :( I BOUGHT A MATH ASSESSMENT BOOK WHICH COSTED ME $7 FDYUGFAYUYGUF I NEED TO DO IT! or i would've wasted $7 :( We can never study together! hahas #forever but at least Jen got her polaroid today ^~^ we waited so long for her to collect it T~T We sat at some bench (?) and we were like o__o *waiting* O____O WHERES JEN? o___o *waiting*

 But she was so happy when she got it! :D

After that we just ate dinner and went home~ First time reaching home so early after going out with them! :3
Around 2 hours after i reached home Geraldine texted me asking if i was free and i immediately knew something happened... tbh at first i was like just okcan until she called me and she was crying T~T i hate it when people cry otp! I won't be able  to hug them :( URGH memories T~T

Then otp once geraldine managed to stop crying she told me what was happening to her and it was then when i decided i don't want to lose her ever again. She's going through the exact same thing as me... It became so easy to talk to each other all of a sudden cause we could relate to each other~ i was holding my tears as i spoke... Memories never fade in my heart. I remember more than you expect~ Fun times Sad times First meetings Conversations i remember too much and thinking about some memories just make my eyes burn up.

But i already told myself.... NO MORE TEARS ON BITCHES so i just held them back... Cause im happy the way i am now :) With everyone around me~ and now Geraldine is back <3 I don't need certain people to be happy~ If you cant care less about me n MY GOD FORSAKEN FEELINGS then i shall not care either :) Im just going to carry on with life :)

i remember......
Jen: When life gives you lemons what do you do????
Me: Squeeze them!
Jen: NO
hehehhehehheh :3 when life gives you lemons, make lemonade AND ADD SUGAR 8D

I've cut down on vulgarities and hating :) i only hate 2 people now  \m/ so proud of myself~ ^~^

Asked Cal for daphne's number previously today... I TEXTED HER haha n seriously.... i just hope she and cal both will be okay with each other again :\ There are obviously many misunderstandings among them and too little self reflection... HAAAAA but she agreed to take a breather and maybe talk to cal after a while.... so, problem solved hopefully? 8) Time heals wounds~ But if she says anymore shit about bunny or shipei again... karma shall kill~

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