Power of Makeup Part 2 x Dealing with Bloody Mary x [AD] Kotex


Not your typical Power of Makeup but definitely the Power of Makeup nonetheless.

How excited for Halloween am I? On a scale of 1 to 10, 11!

Halloween is the one time a year when you can be ANYTHING you want and no one will throw judgement your way. This sounds the perfect time to insert the Mean Girl's quote 'Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it' hehe

Gonna save more about my makeup thoughts for my part 3 post that's going to be my final and main post for this Power of Makeup series.

Okay I was suppose to look like I'm in pain in this photo hahaha

Onto the next agenda of this post, I'm going to be talking about the bloody time of month.
Let's have a moment of silence for the pain that us ladies have to go through for like 7 days a week for around 40 years of our lives. That's like 3360 out of 14600 days which is basically ~23% of 40 years that we're either PMSing or suffering from menstrual cramps and being uncomfortable HOW SAD IS THAT?! 

But... we have to live with it anyway so oh well...

Here's 3 Essentials I NEED everytime Bloody Mary decides to visit

1. Comfort Food

Chocolate and Ice Cream. 

Essentials to deal with them annoying emotions that come like a tidal wave every night.
Also, to satisfy cravings. Cravings being something we CANNNOT control because sweet cravings are triggered when there's a decrease in endorphin production which occurs guess when? During PMS. Eating sugar helps increase the feel good chemicals in our brains so.... That makes it a need to stay happy or should I just say, normal when we're PMSing hahaha

Chocolate is also said to be able to reduce cravings so grab your chocolate first instead of going straight for the cakes and sweets if you want to watch your diet 

2. Good Pads

My period is sadly really inconsistent and she never fails to surprises me whenever she visits. Which simply sucks because I always end up stuffing toilet paper then heading to the nearest Watsons, Guardian or whatever to buy some pads and disposable underwear if I catch her too late.

Usually, I always just look for the cheapest ones at the store and if it states something like 'ultrathin'.

After I received a set of Daytime and Nighttime pads from Kotex, here's something else I'll be looking out for now... COLOUR. Gosh I love this about them the most because their packaging doesn't look that much like pads, It basically gives me a reason to just throw one into my makeup pouch to take with me wherever I go so I'll always have one standby with me for surprise visits.

Let me highlight my tip here too, hiding them in a makeup pouch is the perfect way to hide a pad when you're taking it to the washroom without bringing your whole bag hehe

The Kotex LUXE Daytime Pads are 24 cm in length and are ultrathin pads. They definitely fulfill all normal pad necessities and it was definitely ultrathin which I think is soooo important for Daypads. 

As for their Kotex LUXE Nightime Pads, 
“The pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault.”

They are 32 cm long with a new Honeycomb Liquid-Locker specially designed to rapidly absorb and lock away fluid and prevent back-flow which will keep your skin dry. It also has a new Ultra Comfort Cover with a soft cottony surface. Lastly, the new Surround Lock Protector uses the embossed star designs to provide additional security and leakage protection to help keep your skin feels dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Both of them cost $5.95 per pack

You can grab a FREE SAMPLE now on Sample Store here or on the Kotex Facebook page here

Also, if you want to find more information on Kotex and their pads, https://www.kotex.com.sg/ultrathin/

Onto my last period essential...

3. Back Up Flannels

I don't think there's a need for me to explain how a flannel can save your life right? 

I personally always bring either a flannel, hoodie, cardigan or basically any outerwear out with me every single day no matter what. For more than one reason too, if you were to receive an unwanted visit, if it rains and gets cold, if you were to watch a last minute movie, if you decide to sit on the floor while wearing a skirt or shorts, there are just so many reasons why every girl needs an outerwear with her at all times.

Flannels are my favorite because you can throw them around your waist with almost any outfit and because they are truly timeless. They've been a trend since the 90s and never go out of style. I just love them sooooo much I have like 16 in my closet right now and that's just counting the long sleeved ones!

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