Halloween is only less than 3 days away!!!
So I pretty much recreated the look that I wore for Halloween 2 years back, the classic slit throat ;)

I took forever to try to edit this video because I seriously know nuts about video editing so, please bare with my first video's editing quality hahaha and please excuse the way that I'm speaking... Still not used to having braces on :'(

I'm going to be trick or treating for sure and probably at Woodlands again

If you need a last minute costume, do this!!!!
It's gorey but you can definitely still be pretty AND sexy hehe

Glam..... AND GORE!!!! see what I did there ;)

Alright onto everything I used in this look and where I bought them...
No fancy FX stuff here hehe

Lace Up Off Shoulder Top

Liquid Latex 
From Popular in the crafts section

From Popular but you can really just use any old paintbrush or makeup brush

Container Cover 
From yesterday's dinner lol

Makeup Wedge Sponge 
I got mine from Robinsons but you can just get them from Daiso or Watsons though

Daiso, I always use cheap or old foundation when I'm doing SFX hehe

Red and Black Body Paint
But if you don't want to use body paint, I used to use eyeshadows and lipsticks. You honestly can use whatever you have lying around home or of course even buy a professional ILLUSTRATOR ZOMBIE PALETTE if you want ;)

DIY Fake Blood
I used Ketchup, Food Colouring, Baby Powder and Black Body Paint.

I did not actually measure the amounts that I used but I just took 2 packets of ketchup, mixed it with food colouring and body paint to get a good colour then added baby powder to make it less liquidy.

A better way would be to use corn syrup but I did not have that at home so... I made do :)

You can honestly use anything you have at home, I've seen videos on youtube using even chocolate syrup!!! 

Here's a few other tutorials on Youtube you can refer to if you want

Corn Syrup, Food Colouring and Corn Starch by Wendytung

Honey and Food Colouring by Meredith Anderson

Corn Syrup and Food Colouring by Neural Culture

Oh and I videoed this with my Olympus E-PL 6 and edited with Windows Movie Maker lol

And that's pretty much it!

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