Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Nike

Spent literally like 5 hours playing basketball that day.
I was all ready to leave home in a dri fit camp tee with PE shorts but decided against it when I looked into the new full length mirror in my house.

Comfort VS Comfort?
A camp tee with baggy PE shorts may seem 'comfortable' to most, maybe even 'appropriate'.
In contrast with a sports bra under a mesh tank tucked into a pair of denim highwaist shorts, what is comfort to me?

I feel the same way about fashion as I do makeup.
Comfort to me is looking into a mirror, however big or small and feeling comfortable in my own skin.
Even if it means looking completely different from everyone else.

I'm a unicorn with blue hair, I'm going to get stares no matter what I wear or where I go anyway.
So why not dress myself up every single day? That is after all why I have a humongous overflowing wardrobe right? 

Comfort to me is confidence. 
If I like me, nothing anyone else can say will matter.
I learned that the hard way.

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