Three Blind Mice Flea + [AD] Feathered Fedoras


So Three Blind Mice had another flea once again and it was AMAZEBALLS as always...

Do you have any idea just how much I LOVEEE TBM Fleas???

I've been fleaing since like 4 years back? From when Scape Underground was not even built yet and there used to be fleas there.... Ancient times ancient times... Now I think it's safe to say that i have seen it all and having said that, let me show you why I love Three Blind Mice :)

Car Selfie on the way to the flea ;)
Make up of the day done by @BeautyByRah

Here is Day 1 :)

Look at that space! <3 So much love for fleas that aren't cramped up :)
What more can anyone ask for?

There was actually some mess at the start because of the booth allocations but aww I am telling you, the 3 blind mice are really the sweetest lah hahaha all the other flea organizers I've booked from previously were never this nice and their fleas weren't even half as good lorh I ain't even exaggerating~

Like they actually care... What happened was when the booths were all allocated to everyone, my 2 stalls actually got separated :( Plus, I tried to request to be near by another stall but they were at a whole different room hahaha But But But, they actually cared and not only did they settle the problem with my 2 stalls real efficiently, they also tried to help to get my 2 stalls together with the other stall which is just... Like look how awesome they are! 

Previous Flea Organizers I've been with are just like... In it for the money lol like literally they do not care and they can't give 2 fucks about anything as long as everyone pays their rent. Some of them are even just plain rude and just... horrible. 

So yea, TBM lover here, hi! 

Hello hello there with my Emily Emily <3

Jen and Kayleigh are mean ass bitches who camwhored and ooted without me so BLEH to them

And here is Audrey being as gorgeous as ever <3 

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to visit :)

Not forgetting Claire, Dolphine, Loysius and everyone else who aren't in the pictures above

It was also so nice to meet all the other instagramers who were at the flea too like Belinda, Andrea and Jody

Not forgetting Sammi and all the other girls who i didn't get to take pictures with! All of them are super friendly please hahaha I think I'm like an awkward turtle but meh, we could all talk and that just means that I am not a failure in life hehe

And not forgetting some pictures with one of my favfav bloggers, Rachell Tan aka PXDKITTY <3

Onto Day 2

Here is an almost full view of all our 2 racks and 4 tables hahaha and do you see those prices??!! Cleared all our wardrobe overflow from like $2 like woah there, this is what you missed.

Hi hi there with my Jen Jenbear and Natasha

And guess who dropped by the flea on the 2nd day...

Covers my face with a watermelon because photoshop couldn't save my excited fangirl self...
She is super friendly i swear. Ignore her emotionless plaaastic face because I saw her smile that day and she is so adorable it hurts me :')

 And of course a Group Picture at the end of the flea with the girls sitting behind our stalls all day with me <3

Jen, Kayleigh, Emily, Josephine and Natasha <3

I've actually been wanting to drop 1 of the 3 blind mice a text to thank them for the awesome flea and him especially for helping me so much on the first day but i have just forgotten time and time again and now it will be a week late hahaha so totally typical of me

Can't wait for the next event now whoop whoop ^^


Feathered Fedoras is a very lovely instashop ran by the very lovely Belinda :)

They are still relatively new having launched their 1st official collection just recently in May this year so do show them (AND ME) some support by heading over to follow them on their instagram @FeatheredFedoras and checking out their website as well at

They are also currently having a mega sale on their instagram with tons of apparels clearing at $10 so do check that out NOW! or after you finish reading this blogpost for a yummy yummy discount code ;)

I really love this Sheer Mesh Throwover from Feathered Fedoras :) It works perfectly as a beach cover up or also on normal days with a plain black bralet/tube on the inside... It's definitely totally my style and I am just loving it! 

Not to mention how much i just love mesh and sheers, it is an obsession and this piece is definitely one to add to my collection :)

This is the 2nd piece I got from Feathered Fedoras which definitely has a huge contrast in style as compared to the 1st piece which just shows that they cater to all styles :)

I do not wear white very often but this top is a such a lovely classy piece, paired with some leggings and a statement necklace and BAM perfection :)

What do you think of me with center parting? 


And get ready for a selfie spam because the next item is a Kitty Headband that is cute as hell and just perfect for mega camwhoring :)

I just love how sturdy this headband is, I've broken way too many kitty headbands in this life time hahaha but that ain't an issue with this one :) It is firm and strong and the pearls are well secured too so there is really nothing to not love about this headband, it has survived the inside of my bag, it has earned a spot in my camwhores, it is here to stay hehehe :)

And i was using webcamtoy in the kitty selfies above in case you were wondering :)

Overall, it was definitely a very nice experience working with Belinda and she is definitely a very dedicated blogshop owner and nice person so do remember to check them out!

Quote "DreaxBel" for $2 off every $20 spent!

Instagram: @FeatheredFedoras

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