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Bio Essence is an award winning cosmetics line. 

Their mission is 
"To be a caring and innovative organization that brings youthfulness, beauty and health to the public" 

And their mission for their consumers is to
-Formulate innovative, effective, safe and user-friendly products, providing the best value for money.
-Advocate proper beauty care concepts for consumers' benefit.
-Provide excellent after-sales service

I was sent 2 products from their Tanaka White line :)

Their line of 'Tanaka White' products are named after one of their key ingredients, the Tanaka Extract from Tanaka Trees. Bio-essence Tanaka White Series adapts and combines this ancient 
secret with modern Bio-engineering techniques to extract these highly effective whitening, 
moisturizing and nourishing agents from the tree bark to produce a natural and effective whitening range of products. 

These are the Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum and the Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20 that i was sent 

Darkness is bound to come for us be it from the outside or even from within us and it is our job to protect ourselves from the darkness outside and contain the darkness inside. Featuring my "we're all a little insane" outfit...

So what causes darkness?

Causes of darkness on our skin 
Bio-essence laboratories have uncovered the two main reasons 
behind dark spots formation, freckles and age spots. External factors 
such as frequent exposure to the sun and harsh elements cause skin to be 
dry and dull, which increases melanin activity in the skin, thus leading to the 
formation of dark spots and freckles. Then there is also the internal problem of 
existing pigments and spots that are embedded deep within the skin that cannot 
be treated and prevented with any amount of sunblock. 

The Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum helps you to fight darkness from the outside and work fairness from within. This serum contains Alpha-Arbutin, Tanaka Extract, Kojic Acid and Tranexemic Acid which are 4 of the greatest and best whitening extracts out there.

This Serum comes with a dropper pump for your convenience, which i just love!

A small little bit like this is enough for one application :)

Directions for usage: Apply twice a day after cleansing. Spread a sufficient amount of 
the serum evenly onto entire face. Then, apply another layer 
over areas with dark spots & freckles

The Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream contains Tanaka Extract and Tranexemic Acid and has SPF20 to protect your precious skin from the evil sun.

This is how the consistency of the cream looks like.

Its light weighted and i have combination-oily skin and this works pretty much perfectly for me, not being too oily or not moisturizing enough :)

Direction for usage: Apply daily on clean face. Smooth cream evenly onto face 
until fully absorbed. 


So what is so special about this products? Well, the ingredients in them of course...

The Alpha-Arbutin and Tranexemic Acid helps you to work fairness from within. 

Tranexamic Acid is a highly effective whitening ingredient which 
inhibits the tyrosinase activity and curbs the production of melanin, effectively preventing 
blemishes and preventing dark spots formation beneath the skin. Thus, the serum will help you to
prevent the formation of melanin and protect your skin against harmful UV rays, improving dull skin tone for a visibly fairer complexion

Alpha-Arbutin is 9x better than the usual Beta-Arbutin.

The Tanaka Extract and Kojic Acid helps you fight darkness from the outside.

Tanaka Extract comes from the Tanaka tree bark 
that blocks out harmful UV rays and external pollutants. It has excellent deep nourishing, hydrating and cooling properties to reduce free radical damage while soothing and calming skin, leaving it smooth, supple and relaxed

Kojic Acid comes from the fermentation process of malting rice in the use of 
manufacturing sake, the 4X Intensive White Serum helps to fight darkness on the outside. Kojic Acid is a popular agent used to lighten skin and is also used to treat skin diseases such as melasma. It is a great anti-oxidant with antibacterial and antifungal properties which effectively lightens freckles and pigmentations and evens skin tone. 


Do you see this horrible dark spot here?

I'll be trying to get rid of it so do stay tuned to my blog for a short update I'll include in a post in about a week from now :)

I am currently really loving having these 2 babies added into my skincare routine :)

If you're wondering about how these products actually came about from a tree? Like a legit tree?!?! 
Well here's a little history on how the Tanaka magic came about...


Tanaka (also known as Thanakha) has a rich history in Myanmar. It is a traditional whitening secret adored by females in Myanmar for more than 2000 years. It is used in daily life, as well as in ceremonies where face paintings bear cultural significance of nobility and purity. Children or young girls will imprint whimsical Tanaka designs on their cheeks using shapes like leaf or heart-shaped, little whirls, rounds or shell as a form of facial art. 

The Tree: Tanaka is a perennial tree that grows in the lush forests of central Myanmar. It is slow growing and must be at least 35 years old to be mature enough to yield premium Tanaka. The cultural and practical practice of applying Tanaka on the skin is so deeply rooted in Myanmar that it stood the test of time through thousands of years. It is most widely used to cool and refresh the skin while protecting it from the sun the natural way. 

Its uses: Tanaka means both "cosmetic for beautifying the face" and "cleansing agent". It is recognized as a great aid to help withstand the heat of the sun and is thus an ideal cosmetic for those who have to work under direct sunlight. Women who work outdoor apply thick layers of Tanaka as a sunscreen to prevent sun-burn while its natural cooling properties help them tolerate the intense heat during the day. 

The traditional production of Tanaka: A simple procedure where the bark and roots are stripped, soaked in water, grounded and pulverized using a mortar and a flat stone into a fragrant paste, which has not changed for centuries. The light yellow paste with a mild fragrance is then applied to the face


Read more about Bio Essence on their website at http://www.bioessence.com.sg/

Like their Facebook page and redeem a FREE Sample now at  https://www.facebook.com/bioessence.sg

The 4x Intensive Whitening Serum costs $45.80/30ml and the Double Whitening Day Cream, $29.80/50g

Bio Essence products can be found in Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, Various Beauty Stores and Supermarkets as well as SaSa

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