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Hacudei is a natural Cosmetics Brand with products made using the miracle of nature.

I received their natural White Clay Soap :)

Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap S$29.90/60g

Hacudei White Clay Soap is made from the white clay which has piled up on the bottom of "Milky Way" in Palau. The natural cosmetic soap is free from artificial colour and fragrance but is rich in natural minerals, papaya frit extract, hibiscus essence and many other botanical constituents which softens skin.

 I personally really love foam face washes, I've always been using the Biore Marshmallow Facial Foam and the Hada Labo one as well, i just love foaming cleansers! What foam does is it penetrates deep into your skin and pores leaving your skin clean from the inside out. I also really love how much smoother my skin will become from the very first use of a foam cleanser :)

Furthermore, this White Clay Soap is ALL NATURAL!!!

So how does this work?

Step 1: Wet the net and scoop a little bit of the White Clay Soap

Step 2: Rub the White Clay Soap on the wet net until it foams

Step 3: Massage the foam all over your beautiful face :)

My pores constantly get really clogged and i think part of that is due to me not removing my make up properly half the time :x 

The White Clay Soap really feels amazing and leaves my skin much healthier due to its natural formula and not forgetting my favorite part, it cleans deep into my pores freely those clogged bastards leaving me with smoother, softer skin ^^

You can purchase one of these babies at Watsons or even at the Mount Alvernia Pharmacy

It costs $29.90 for 60g

Read more about Hacudei at http://hacudei.com/

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