[AD] Da Pink Rubbish


I'm honestly praying that Jean, the owner of DPR won't hate me cause this post is so extremely late :(
But hahas anyways, i recently got a chance to collaborate with DAPINKRUBBISH !!!

Da PinkRubbish was established in 2013.
As a fashion retailer, we want to bring to shoppers a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience.
We believe in bringing in the best quality product for all our customers.
We manufacture our stickers making sure it's one of a kind and different from what you see outside. All stickers material are exclusive to Dapinkrubbish.

Jean is really very easy to work with and that just makes me feel even worse for posting so late :(

on to the adv, I was sent this light blue skirt 

I especially love that it has shorts on the inside, that saves me $5 from buying a pair of safety shorts from bugis hahaha

I have always been mad in love with skirts, especially last year, i think i have over 20 different skater/circle skirts... is that too much? oh whatever here's one more to add to my collection :)

It's really comfortable and it's stretchy waistband really saved me on the day of these pictures, a fat day.
These were all post Astons and ice cream shots so... excuse my not-as-perfect-as-it-could-be body.

But really, skirts like these definitely really does save lives on fat days plus it also defines a gorgeous waist line on skinny days :)

I styled this piece with one of my current favorite tops of all time, my ribbon bralet.

I also got a really cute pair of stockings from DPR

You can get one too at only $12!!!

I wore my kitty stockings with my ribbon bralet again and together with a pair of bodycon leather shorts 

Tattoo stockings have always been really rad and I've always wanted to try thigh high high socks however, not only are they extremely ex, the weather in Singapore definitely forbids it too... 

Well here's the solution ^^ 

I am freaking in love with these stockings <3 get ready for the camwhores 

So do get one now at DAPINKRUBBISH!!!

There is an upcoming collection which will be launching on 10th June!
I am mega excited for this to be very honest, I just really love mesh and sheers <3

Don't forget to follow them on instagram! She's been updating a lot recently with loads of super rad yet affordable instocks :)

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