So i got to collaborate with Collection recently, which is just AMAZING I was so excited when i received the email inviting me to write for them, this is just... :') 

If you haven't heard about Collection then i think you must either be a guy or be living under a rock haha

Collection is a cosmetics brand and they have amazing and affordable make up!

"Collection gives youthful women the confidence to experiment with colour, subtle or daring, to create a makeup look that says "This is me and I love it". Inspiring sassy and spirited women to be creative with colour, Collection allows you to have fun with fashion your own way with a complete range of products and shades suitable for everyone."

You can explore more about them at their website at http://www.collectioncosmetics.com.sg/

I fell in love with Collection back when I was in London because of their lipsticks, i bought 2 limited edition lipsticks that are a dark dark burgundy and a purple, they are extremely bold and i just love them. I got them at only £3 if i remember correctly... Oh and also, they do not test on animals, which is just.....YES. YES. THAT IS GOOD :)

Onto the review, i was sent the Primed and Ready make up primer.

I have to say that honestly, i am a very lazy person and i always want to skip toning and moisturizing and priming and what not but this primer just makes me happy because of how smooth it makes my skin feel and i really like it :')

Primers are a base that is meant to be applied before your make up be it on your face, eyes or even lips. Primers help your make up last much much longer and also, primers will help your make up work to their full ability, it helps make your skin a perfect canvas for your make up to be applied on.

Read up more about the importance or priming at my favorite beauty blog at  http://beautybabblings.blogspot.sg/2014/03/babble-primers-what-are-they-how-are.html 

"It is a crime not to prime."

So take a few seconds, add this into your make up routine and enjoy the wonders and benefits of priming :)

The Primed and Ready primer not only does a primer's job by helping my make up to stay put in Singapore's crazy weather but this primer also smooths my skin out to hide any pores and it feels AMAZING! You can see and feel a difference but still look as natural as ever. The wonders of a primer...

Collection's Primed and Ready Make Up Primer costs just $16.90

They are currently newer to Singapore drugstores but you can find them at most Watsons stores, BHG or their pop up stall at Cineleisure level 2!

Like them on their Facebook for updates and more information on all things Collection

Do follow them on Instagram @CollectionCosmeticSG and stay tuned for their regular giveaways ;)

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