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So i am seriously a mad shopaholic and I NEED HELP :(
Just received 2 large packages of my loots i got from taobao last tuesday like...

And i told myself  NO MORE SHOPPING cause you have to admit... this is hella crazy considering #tbmsorority was just the previous saturday? And i spent so sooo much there like when i signed for the lucky draw i was like WTF cause i literally spent like one of the most there?!

Anyways, so i came across this event poster on instagram for the miyoc warehouse sale and i was like hmm.... AND I JUST COULDN'T RESIST! So 2 days after i vowed to myself that i would stop shopping for a few months at least? I ended up going for this

Which was so conveniently located at woodlands, where i was going to to study that day so i was like 'oh well no harm just popping by right? i mean its MIYOC, confirm damn worth it one' AND HELL IT WAS! 

It was at Woodlands 11 which is basically a building filled with loads and loads of warehouses

Sadly, this was my virgin miyoc warehouse sale trip and here's a few things i learned...

1-Wear something comfortable
Cause the queue to enter was really long and was outside the warehouse in the car park so it was hothothot

2-Try to get priority passes
Because i didn't plan to go plus i didn't know how tedious the queue was going to be, i did not try to get a pass and URGH i was so pissed on the day itself like whywhywhyyy didn't i get a damn pass :(

And thirdly, plan in advance and do not bring your laptop along... As i said, i was going to study after the sale and therefore, i brought my laptop along which literally gave me hell. My shoulders were aching and my bag kind of well.... BROKE.

BUTBUTBUT that gave me a reason to buy a new bag, which i did ;) 
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH But it was both cheap and gorgeous okay? 

Alright now enough boring words... Lets let the pictures take the spotlight

Here was my outfit of the day

Barbie Top from Taobao
Tartan Shirt from a flea
Chiffon PJ Pants from my dearest kaykay <3
Sandals from Rubi

And the life saving bag is from the sale itself :)

I got it at only $8 and from......SASSYDREAM!!!!! YES OMG $8!!!

here's a clearer view of the bag plus more shots of my ootd that day

And onto my other loots from the sale~

Got a gorgeous mermaid skirt at only $5 from twentyeight !!!!

Paired with studded wedges i got at $15 from the closet lover!

This super unique top was just $10 from twenty eight as well and the quality is AMAZING

And the highlight of my buys.... This beautiful beautiful cut outs midi dress from StatementMuse at only $16!

So well apart from the horrible queue, the event was definitely totally worth it. I had a really hard time controlling myself and telling myself to spend less cause let me add that though their items are all from famous reputable blogshops, the prices are really amazing!!! I saw a few items there from like sassydream WLFM etc that i bought from bugis and they were going at even lower prices there like omg be blown away.

Can't wait for the next event ^^ 

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